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IoT Garbage Can Sorts Your Trash Automatically And Gathers Data
This trash bin is smart enough to separate garbage from recyclables and inform maintenance staff when it's time to come collect it

Collecting and taking out the trash has never been this easy. Bin-e, the world’s first intelligent waste bin, will automatically sort any trash that goes inside it and categorize it according to recycling rules.

The Poland-based company might just have the answer to easy recycling. The machine looks sleek and is small enough to fit in office spaces. This prevents employees from failing to recycle or separating recyclables incorrectly. The brand predicts its machine will help improve recycling rates of businesses up to 80% by 2018.

Bin-e will separate any trash into plastic, paper, glass and metal. When the piece of waste is put inside the bin, Bin-e will figure out what type of material it is. It will then compress it before dropping it to its designated bin, thus increasing its storage capacity. Moreover, the bin is also connected to the loT cloud, allowing Bin-e to store and send data to maintenance services and let them know if it’s time to take out the garbage.