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Een film die je kunt sturen met je brein

Een film die je kunt sturen met je brein

Aan de universiteit van Nottingham hebben ze iets voor elkaar gekregen wat in eerste instantie lijkt op een goed science fiction verhaal. Waar je normaal gesproken in de bioscoopzaal of op de bank een film kijkt waarvan de slotscène al lang en breed vastligt, kun je nu ook een film kijken die nog alle kanten […]

MIT’s New AI Can See Through Walls

MIT has given a computer x-ray vision, but it didn’t need x-rays to do it. The system, known as RF-Pose, uses a neural network and radio signals to track people through an environment and generate wireframe models in real time. It doesn’t even need to have a direct line of sight to know how someone […]

Robots Won’t Take Your Job—But They Migh

Robert Deyrail/Getty Images Whether they believe robots are going to create or destroy jobs, most experts say that robots are particularly useful for handling “dirty, dangerous and dull” work. They point to jobs like shutting down a leaky nuclear reactor , cleaning sewers , or inspecting electronic components to really drive the point home. Robots […]

With its new in-car operating system, BM...

When you spend time with a lot of BMW folks, as I did during a trip to Germany earlier this month, you’ll regularly hear the word “ heritage .” Maybe that’s no surprise, given that the company is now well over 100 years old. But in a time of rapid transformation that’s hitting every car […]

China’s ambition to power the world’s el

China’s grand designs to dominate the future of clean energy paid off spectacularly this week. In a public offering on June 11 in Shenzhen, battery giant Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd. (CATL) raised nearly $1 billion to fund ambitious expansion plans, and its stock has been shooting up every day since. Thanks largely to the company’s […]

University of Leeds project is developin...

The University of Leeds is pioneering a £4.2 million national infrastructure research project that will use tarmac 3D printing robots to repair potholes and cracks. These robots will be both aerial and ground-based in order to thoroughly inspect and identify damaged areas on roads in the UK. As part of a visionary project to create […]

3D printing in construction, architectur...

Living/dining room of 3D HOUSING 05. Photo via CLS Architetti

The use of 3D printing for construction and architecture is a rapidly developing area. Additive manufacturing is used not only in the design stages of construction projects, but is also bringing remarkable full-scale structures to life. This article highlights some of the possibilities that 3D printing brings to the built-environment. These include 3D printed houses, […]

WhatsApp Group Video Call and Instagram ...


Facebook announced a whole lot of new features at its 2018 Facebook F8 developers conference, including Dating on Facebook, letting users clear their web browsing history, real-time language translation within Messenger, and many more. Besides announcing exciting features for its social media platform, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also gave us a quick look at the […]

Mercedes-Benz’s Plan for Surviving the A

“Who’s afraid of defining the future?” asks Wilko Stark, the man tasked with pulling Daimler and its flagship brand, Mercedes-Benz, into the future. If you’re the guy in charge of leading Daimler —you know, the world’s largest luxury carmaker, one of Europe’s most important tech companies, and the inventor […] .

New MRAM Breakthrough Could Revolutioniz...


Historically, covering changes to the mainstream memory market (loosely defined as SRAM for CPU caches, DRAM for volatile RAM, and a mixture of SSDs and HDDs for non-volatile storage) has been a bit of a letdown. It’s interesting, on the one hand, to see how various niche approaches have […] .

Gaia Spacecraft Creates Map of More Than...

gaia galaxy

The ESA’s Gaia spacecraft has already been studying the Milky Way galaxy for several years, and the first release of data included the precise location of more than 2 million stars. Now, the second major dataset from Gaia has pinpointed the position and brightness of 1.7 billion stars in […] .

Chinese Firm Claims It Scans Workers’ Br

583261-electricity-flowing-through-computer brain cpu

China has been pushing the dystopian aspects of its society fairly aggressively of late. The country has rolled out a social “credit” monitoring system, in which citizens are rated based on the social media posts and actions of both themselves and their friends and family. Those with low social […] .

System76 just announced a major update t...

System76 just announced a major update to its developer-focused Linux OS

System76 is primarily known for its Linux-based laptops and desktops, but it’s also the architect of the ambitious Pop!_OS project. This is System76’s attempt to create the perfect Linux-based developer operating system , and today the company is announcing some pretty major updates to it. Pop!_OS 18:04LTS now comes […] .

First Robot Delivery Drivers Start Work ...

First Robot Delivery Drivers Start Work In Silicon Valley

Six-wheeled robots will deliver food and coffee across a Silicon Valley office park in the first commercial use of the technology—and whole cities could be next This article titled “First robot delivery drivers start work at Silicon Valley campus” was written by Alex Hern, for on Monday 30th […] .

pCloud is the unhackable cloud storage s...

Save more than $60 and get more than you would with Dropbox.

Save more than $60 and get more than you would with Dropbox. Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable’s commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. We all need to rethink our approach to […] .

AI can invent new ways to create complex...

A new algorithm trained on millions of reactions can tell scientists the steps required to build organic compounds. How it works: Researchers at the University of Manchester trained a neural network on the 12.4 million single-step organic-chemistry reactions currently known to science. That data set lets the network predict […] .

Aging Japan: Robots may have role in fut...

TOKYO (Reuters) – Paro the furry seal cries softly while an elderly woman pets it. Pepper, a humanoid, waves while leading a group of senior citizens in exercises. The upright Tree guides a disabled man taking shaky steps, saying in a gentle feminine voice, “right, left, well done!” Residents […] .