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Critical Flaws Found in VxWorks RTOS Tha...

vxworks rtos vulnerability

vxworks rtos vulnerability Security researchers have discovered almost a dozen zero-day vulnerabilities in VxWorks, one of the most widely used real-time operating systems (RTOS) for embedded devices that powers over 2 billion devices across aerospace, defense, industrial, medical, automotive, consumer electronics, networking, and other critical industries. According to a new report Armis researchers shared with […]

University of Leeds project is developin...

The University of Leeds is pioneering a £4.2 million national infrastructure research project that will use tarmac 3D printing robots to repair potholes and cracks. These robots will be both aerial and ground-based in order to thoroughly inspect and identify damaged areas on roads in the UK. As part of a visionary project to create […]

Which is cheaper: Containers or virtual ...

cargo containers

The emergence of application containers has come with questions about where this technology fits in the enterprise technology landscape, and more specifically how it compares to virtual machines. + MORE AT NETWORK WORLD : Are containers VM killers? A new report from 451 Research has some provocative findings on […] .

DDoS Extortionists made $100,000 without...

DDOS Extortionists made $100,000 without Launching a Single Attack

In Brief Cyber crooks find a new and ingenious way to make hundreds of thousands of dollars with no effort. An unknown cyber gang, pretending to be Armada Collective , has made more than $100,000 in less than two months simply by threatening to launch DDoS attack on websites, […] .

We all talk of innovation, but few us st...


Brian Fanzo I don’t normally share things like this, but…I’ve had a heck of a week. On Monday, I released what I would consider my most significant research to date on the subject of digital transformation, “ The Race Against Digital Darwinism: Six Stages of Digital Transformation .” I […] .

Additive Manufacturing Is Poised to Disr...


Remember the industrial revolution? Industrial 3D printing will be bigger. That may seem like a bold statement—especially at a time when many people already think that 3D printing is over-hyped. However, facts support the assertion. Consider that there now exists a single technology from which almost everything can be […] .

Snapchat Discover: Is Bite-Sized News Ju...

Snapchat Discover

March 05, 2015 Leslie Nuccio Snapchat’s fairly well-known at this point for bucking the trend, and Discover is no exception. The company that famously turned down a $3B offer from Facebook took a swipe at them in its Discover launch blog post, declaring, “This is not social media. Social […] .

If you don’t like algorithmic filters, y

Robot generic

A A Permalink to If you don’t like algorithmic filters, you’re probably not going to like the future of Twitter Summary: Twitter appears to be set to move forward with its plans to algorithmically filter or re-order your timeline — for your own good, of course — despite a […] .