Big Data

Here’s How Much Bots Drive Conversation During News Events

Casey Chin; Getty Images Last week, as thousands of Central American migrants made their way northward through Mexico, walking a treacherous route toward the US border, talk of ” the caravan ,” as it’s become known, took over Twitter. Conservatives, led by President Donald Trump, dominated the conversation, eager to turn the caravan into a voting issue before the midterms. As it turns out, they had some help—from propaganda bots on Twitter. Late last week, about 60 percent of the conversation was driven by likely bots. Over the weekend, even as the conversation about the caravan was overshadowed by […] […]

A digital revolution is reshaping Democratic campaigns

Two weeks before the 2016 election, Bloomberg’s Joshua Green and Sasha Issenberg published a story about Trump’s brash, self-aggrandizing digital team. Democrats treated the story as evidence of the Trump campaign’s utter cluelessness, until he won. For months after, coverage of the Trump’s tech and digital strategy dominated headlines. Those stories had consequences: Facebook locked down its user data; Cambridge Analytica folded; and a wave of startups, including my own, emerged to help progressives mobilize online. A change is coming to the Democratic Party, and for some campaigns, it’s already here. I’ve seen it firsthand. As part of my […] […]

IoT: A roomful of conundrums

As the drive to bring any and all imaginable physical objects online continues full steam ahead, internet-enabled devices are increasingly part of our day-to-day routines. In our quest for more productive and enjoyable – or simply easier – lives, we cannot avoid jumping on the Internet-of-Things (IoT) bandwagon. Up to 30 billion devices are predicted to be online by 2020 , according to the Mozilla Foundation. To be sure, IoT is not just about our personal efficiency or enjoyment, and the class of products such as smart watches or smart light bulbs. Spurred by innovations in hardware, networking, cloud […] […]

Schools Are Mining Students’ Social Media Posts for Signs of Trouble

Aron Ontiveroz/The Denver Post/Getty Images Aaah, the traditions of a new school year. New teachers, new backpacks, new crushes—and algorithms trawling students’ social media posts. Blake Prewitt, superintendent of Lakeview school district in Battle Creek, Michigan, says he typically wakes up each morning to twenty new emails from a social media monitoring system the district activated earlier this year. It uses keywords and machine learning algorithms to flag public posts on Twitter and other networks that contain language or images that may suggest conflict or violence, and tag or mention district schools or communities. In recent months the alert […] […]

Hubble Captures 15,000 Galaxies in a Single Stunning Image

Early in Hubble’s mission, it scanned a patch of sky for 10 days to collect 342 separate images. When assembled, they became the now-famous Hubble Deep Field. NASA has updated this iconic image over the years as the telescope became more powerful, and it’s doing so again. Hubble may be inching toward obsolescence with the upcoming launch of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), but it’s still producing amazing images. The newest panoramic view of the universe shows more galaxies than ever before . According to NASA, the new image features a whopping 15,000 galaxies, and 12,000 of them […] […]

Gaia Spacecraft Creates Map of More Than 1 Billion Stars in Our Galaxy

The ESA’s Gaia spacecraft has already been studying the Milky Way galaxy for several years, and the first release of data included the precise location of more than 2 million stars. Now, the second major dataset from Gaia has pinpointed the position and brightness of 1.7 billion stars in […] .

Hey Siri! Read me this locked iPhone’s hidden messages…

Apple has confirmed media reports that your iPhone may not be keeping your messages as private as you think. With iOS 11, Apple introduced a privacy feature that allows you to hide message content on your lock screen. The idea if that you may want to know that you […] .

IoT Garbage Can Sorts Your Trash Automatically And Gathers Data

This trash bin is smart enough to separate garbage from recyclables and inform maintenance staff when it’s time to come collect it Collecting and taking out the trash has never been this easy. Bin-e , the world’s first intelligent waste bin, will automatically sort any trash that goes inside […] .

Elon Musk's OpenAI and Google's DeepMind release their AI playgrounds to everyone

Artificial intelligence developed by the likes of Google’s DeepMind and Elon Musk’s OpenAI is taught within the confines of game worlds – including navigating around mazes, dodging deadly cliffs, playing laser tag and flying through space. In a mission to build a general AI capable of solving any problem […] .

Police Ask for Amazon Echo Data to Help Solve a Murder Case

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How IoT Is Blossoming In The Garden

The internet of things can seriously up your green thumb game The Internet of Things (IoT) is a growing market and will have an ever-increasing presence in our everyday lives in the years to come. A Wall Street […] .

BackBlaze details new 4U storage pods with a massive 480TB of space

BackBlaze’s business is selling online backup solutions, but it has also been so kind as to release data on hard drive failure rates and the design/specs of its storage hardware. Today is a big day for BackBlaze as it’s announcing a new version of its 4U rack-mounted storage pods. […] .

This Supermarket Wants to Set You Up On a Blind Date

Couples were matched based on the contents of their grocery basket for a V-Day campaign. Supermarket chain Tesco decided to help people looking for love this Valentine’s Day with a campaign that matched couples […] .

British Intelligence Open-Sources its Large-Scale Graph Database Software

UK’s Secretive Spy Agency Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) has open-sourced one of its tools on code-sharing website GitHub for free… A graph database called ‘ Gaffer .’ Gaffer , written in Java, is a kind of database that makes it “easy to store large-scale graphs in which the nodes […] .

Google Says It Has Proved Its Controversial Quantum Computer Really Works

Inside this box is a superconducting chip, cooled to within a fraction of a degree of absolute zero, that might put new power behind artificial-intelligence software. Google says it has proof that a controversial machine it bought in 2013 really can use quantum physics to work through a type […] .

Turning data scientists into action heroes: The rise of self-service Hadoop

Mike is chief operating officer at Altiscale . The unfortunate truth about data science professionals is that they spend a shockingly small amount of time actually exploring data. Instead, they are stuck devoting significant amounts of time wrangling data and pouring resources into the tedious act of prepping and […] .

Combatting unemployment insurance fraud with big data analytics

The last few years have seen many data and information breaches from both public and private organizations. One breach of particular concern involves personally identifiable information (PII). The Department of Homeland Security defines PII as any information that permits the identity of individuals to be directly or indirectly inferred, […] .

Big Data, Big Problems: 4 Major Link Indexes Compared

Given this blog’s readership, chances are good you will spend some time this week looking at backlinks in one of the growing number of link data tools. We know backlinks continue to be one of, if not the most important parts of Google’s ranking algorithm. We tend to take […] .

Cloud will drive increased revenues over next two years

More than half of decision makers think the cloud will be responsible for driving increased revenues over the next two years, according to research. Cloud-based applications will not only increase revenues directly, but they will also reduce costs, making the books better balanced, the study by IDC found. However, […] .

Talk data to me!

Is data in uw organisatie ook gespreksonderwerp nummer 1? Zet dan 30 september en 1 oktober prominent in uw agenda. Want dan gaat het grootste Big Data evenement van Nederland van start in de Jaarbeurs Utrecht: De Big Data Expo . De Big Data Expo focust zich op de […] .

5 big data analytics predictions for telecom

The applications of big data continue to be an ongoing transformative force across a number of industries, including telecom. RCR Wireless News rounds up some of the 2015 predictions and recent reports that give insight into the latest trends and areas of movement and focus in big data. 1. […] .

IoT, cloud and Big Data analytics reshape vertical markets

The advent of the Internet of Industrial Things (IoIT) has triggered an influx of services such as cyber security and advanced maintenance, and this has dramatically widened business opportunities in the manufacturing services sector, according to a new study from Frost & Sullivan. As integration with information and communication […] .

Big Data, IoT, Wearables: A Connected World with Intelligence

At the CES 2015, I was fascinated by all sorts of possible applications of IoT – socks with sensors, mattresses with sensors, smart watches, smart everything – it seems like a scene in sci-fi movies has just come true. People are eager to learn more about what’s happening around […] .

Watch Movie Online Nocturnal Animals (2016) subtitle english

Nocturnal Animals (2016) HD Director : Tom Ford. Producer : Tom Ford, Robert Salerno. Release : November 4, 2016 Country : United States of America. Production Company : Universal Pictures, Artina Films, Fade to Black Productions, Focus Features. Language : English. Runtime : 116 min. Genre : Drama, Thriller. ‘Nocturnal Animals’ is a movie genre Drama, was released in November 4, 2016. Tom Ford was directed this movie and starring by Amy Adams. This movie tell story about Susan Morrow receives a book manuscript from her ex-husband – a man she left 20 years earlier – asking for her opinion […]

Some of the hottest big data start-ups of 2015

If predictions are correct, global spending on big data will reach $125 billion in 2015 and so far this year there have been a number of product launches from start-ups that are proving to be extremely hot within the fast growing big data and analytics space. The United Nations […] .

How to Generate Big Data Revenue Without the Big Investment in a Team of Data Scientists

How to Generate Big Data Revenue Without the Big Investment in a Team of Data Scientists – If you are like most companies, you know you need to get started with Big Data – and sooner than later. Companies today are more customer-focused, are trying to outpace the […] .

Trying To Keep Your Data Safe? You're Probably Doing It Wrong

Security experts’ and non-experts’ top security practices, according to Google’s survey. Long gone are the days when you could pass off all your computer issues to an expert — IT support or the broadband 1-800 number. Today, in this always-connected, mobile world, regular people find themselves in a challenging […] .

Big Data, Bigger Results: Manufacturers Are Winning in the Cloud

From inventory tracking to supply chain transparency, manufacturers have always been pioneers in the capture and use of data for real-time business operations. But today’s leaders are taking that up yet another notch: to gain a competitive advantage, manufacturers must have tools and systems in place to […] .

How big data analytics help hospitals stop a killer

Big data. Predictive analytics. Real-time. Actionable insight. There’s a buzzword smorgasbord around the use of data to derive value. It doesn’t help that sometimes the benefits can be esoteric, or at least hard to visualize. But sometimes the benefits are crystal clear, as in the fight against sepsis, one […] .

7 Common Biases That Skew Big Data Results

Flawed data analysis leads to faulty conclusions and bad business outcomes. Beware of these seven types of bias that commonly challenge organizations’ ability to make smart decisions. This is a great article by Lisa Morgan originally published on See the original article here . Here’s a quick […] .

'Urika': Cray unveils new 1,500-core big data crunching monster

Big data analytics people are constantly panning for nuggets of gold, and Cray has just the machine for them — its Urika-XA. Said to be a single-platform entity, consolidating a wide range of analytics workloads previously needing separate systems, its design has been optimised for compute- and memory-intensive and […] .

Mastering Big Data to Drive Great Customer Experience

I am a big fan of walking into a retail store versus buying things online. This is specifically true for clothes from my favorite retail chain since it gives me access to physically see a wide variety of options combined with great ambiance, music, and […] .

Ten Ways Big Data Is Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management

Bottom line: Big data is providing supplier networks with greater data accuracy, clarity, and insights, leading to more contextual intelligence shared across supply chains. Forward-thinking manufacturers are orchestrating 80% or more of their supplier network activity outside their four walls, using big data and cloud-based technologies to get beyond […] .

How is Big Data Changing the World?

How is Big Data Changing the World? When we talk about Big Data, many of the examples and use cases we share center around how Big Data is changing the way businesses must operate. But Big Data is changing the world on some exciting global levels as well. So […] .

Decision Boundaries for Deep Learning and other Machine Learning classifiers

H2O, one of the leading deep learning framework in python, is now available in R. We will show how to get started with H2O, its working, plotting of decision boundaries and finally lessons learned during this series. For a while (at least several months since many people began to […] .

Interview: Joseph Babcock, Netflix on Discovery and Personalization from Big Data

Joseph Babcock is currently a Senior Data Scientist working on Discovery & Personalization algorithms and data processing at Netflix . Before Netflix, he studied computational biology at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, where his PhD research in the Department of Neuroscience employed machine learning models to predict […] .

Top KDnuggets tweets, Jun 09-15: Which Big Data, Data Mining, Data Science Tools go together? Good Comparison of ML classifiers

Most Retweeted: Which #BigData, #DataMining and #DataScience Tools go together? Which #BigData, #DataMining and #DataScience Tools go together? Most Favorited: Good Comparison of ML classifiers: Decision Trees, Regression, SVM, #NeuralNets #DeepLearning Decision Boundaries for different Machine Learning Classifiers Most Viewed: In #machinelearning, what is better […] .

Become a Predictive Analytics Superhero

Analytics Super Hero This fall, the predictive analytics community is gathering from near and far in Boston to learn how to maximize big data and predictive analytics. Not only will participants be in the great city of Boston, but they’ll also be surrounded by top data scientists who are […] .

In Machine Learning, What is Better: More Data or better Algorithms

Tags: Big Data Hype , Data quality , Machine Learning , Quora , Xavier Amatriain Gross over-generalization of “more data gives better results” is misguiding. Here we explain, in which scenario more data or more features are helpful and which are not. Also, how the choice of the algorithm […] .

Popular Deep Learning Tools – a review

By Ran Bi . Deep Learning is now of the hottest trends in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, with daily reports of amazing new achievements, like doing better than humans on IQ test . In 2015 KDnuggets Software Poll , a new category for Deep Learning Tools was added, […] .

I’m a data scientist – mind if I do surgery on your heart?

There has been a lot of recent interest from scientific journals and from other folks in creating checklists for data science and data analysis. The idea is that the checklist will help prevent results that won’t reproduce or replicate from the literature. One analogy that I’m frequently hearing is […] .

How Marketers Can Generate a Constant Stream of Leads from Big Data

Data is everywhere. The number of unique data sources out there is larger than any one organization can wrangle. And make no mistake – these big data sets are thesource of competitive advantage for companies across all industries. But finding the right information from today’s huge data ecosystem is […] .

Big Data and IT Automation – A Match Made in Heaven

Over the past several months there has been a lot of hype around ‘Big Data’, yet many IT professionals are not familiar with exactly what this term means, and particularly what it means for them. Let’s take a moment to examine just what Big Data is, and furthermore, how […] .

ZOOM in Turijn eerste dierentuin met iBeacon technologie

De Italiaanse dierentuin ZOOM in Turijn lanceert een mobiele app die gebruik maakt van de iBeacontechnologie. Hiermee willen ze de bezoekers een volledige ‘ edutainment ‘-ervaring bieden. Ook bevat de app een interactieve kaart en je kunt ook kortingsbonnen en rewards verdienen tijdens je bezoek. Vanaf deze maand kun […] .

Slicing and Dicing Big Data Science in the Academic Universe

Reflecting on the numerous applications and use cases of Big Data in the world, we see that there is essentially no domain of human endeavor that is untouched by the data analytics revolution.  Consequently, no business function can be isolated from data-driven processes and decisions – including development, operations, […] .

5 Steps to True (Data) Love: From Big Data to Smart Data

Big Data has become one of the key buzzwords for businesses everywhere over the last few years. With data of all kinds being produced in record amounts every year, collating and analyzing this information will give businesses more insights than ever before into their customers, their industries as a […] .

Big Data-As-A-Service Is Next Big Thing

We’ve had software as a service, platform as a service and data as a service. Now, by mixing them all together and massively upscaling the amount of data involved, we’ve arrived at Big Data as a Service (or BDaaS, and it’s pronounced how you will). It might not be […] .

Network Archaeologists Discover Two Types of Social Network Growth in Historical Facebook Data

On February 4, 2004, an entirely new website opened its doors aimed at students at Harvard University. was an online social network designed to compete with the growing numbers of others that had recently emerged, such as,, and so on. Facebook’s popularity grew quickly but […] .

Is Smart Data Rendering Big Data Obsolete?

The problem with buzzwords is that they become too marketable, and are overused to the point of general annoyance. Count the term “Big Data” amongst these terms that have run the gamut, from symbolizing exciting possibilities to blanket term used to define anything and everything. But regardless of the […] .

How Google Understands You [Infographic]

How Google Understands You [Infographic] You thought the human brain was complex? With its ability to retrieve stored memories from years past and forge connections from seemingly disparate topics, it truly seems like the brain is a miraculous organ that rules our everyday lives. But what about the Google […] .

The Silent Rockstar of BigData: Machine Learning

The Silent Rockstar of BigData: Machine Learning Sure, world is crying out loud that big-data’s biggest problem will be resources. Demand has skyrocketed and everyone in the world is going into tailspin in meeting that demands. Companies are going frantic and overspending to hire data scientists to secure themselves […] .

After Charlie Hebdo Shootings, Big Data Shows Hopeful Signs

In January 2015, terrorists shot and killed 17 people in and around Paris, in the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, at a kosher supermarket a few miles away, and in the southern suburb of Montrouge. These attacks, the deadliest in France in more than 50 years, prompted […] .

Big Harvest — How Big Data Improves Our Daily Lives

As the amount of digital information being produced expands exponentially, innovative Big Data analytical tools are finding new ways to put it to good use. We are producing data at an ever-increasing rate. But what good is all this information if we don’t know how to analyze it and […] .

Things You Might Not Know About Big Data [INFOGRAPHIC]

We live in a data-centric world, and we speak casually about bytes, megabytes, and gigabytes. But now, the amount of data that’s out there has surpassed the terms we’ve previously used to describe it. Instead, Big Data is now the reality. Big Data comes from the 2.5 quintillion bytes […] .

How to Discover Analytics With the Google+ Dashboard

Tweet Do you know how your Google+ business page is performing? Are you using Google+ My Business analytics? The Google+ Dashboard has greatly improved the analytics it offers for its platform. In this article you’ll discover the Google+ Dashboard and the analytics included in each option . Discover how […] .

Beagli: Finding value in your personal data

By Raluca Crisan ( Beagli ). Enterprises value data highly; its benefits include improved marketing, smoother operations, and even selling this data to third parties. Data can also be a valuable asset to the consumer, but the barriers individuals face in extracting this value are high – data is […] .

Big Data, Privacy, and Security – which side are you on?

By Chris Pearson ( January was a really bum start to 2015. The massacre at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris last month was a stark reminder of how vulnerable we all are to acts of terrorism. Whoever and wherever you are in the world, you should never go […] .

Making Advanced Analytics Work for You

View more from the Artwork: Tamar Cohen, The Big Quick, 2010, silk screen collage on vintage book pages, 40″ x 50″ Big data and analytics have rocketed to the top of the corporate agenda. Executives look with admiration at how Google, Amazon, and others have eclipsed competitors with powerful […] .

New Beginnings in Facial Recognition

As humans, we navigate our lives largely by the recognition of patterns. These patterns include the sound of a mother’s voice, the appearance of a dangerous animal or poisonous food, the familiarity of kin, and the attraction to potential mates. Accurate pattern recognition is key to an animal’s survival and […] .

APIs: The Great Enabler of the Internet of Things

This guest post comes from Mark O’Neill. Mark is a frequent speaker and blogger on APIs and security. He is the co-founder and CTO at Vordel , now part of Axway. In his new role as VP Innovation, he manages Axway’s Identity and API Management strategy, including the API […] .

Big Data is Transforming Sports

Big Data also has an eye on the game. Credit: intelfreepress, CC BY-SA This article was originally published on The Conversation . The publication contributed this article to Live Science’s Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights . In sport we don’t just want to know who won. We now want […] .

This comic book perfectly explains big data and the threat it poses to our privacy rights

Ten years ago, California State Senator Liz Figueroa raised concerns over a definitely-not-evil company called Google that had been tracking keywords through its Gmail service, servicing ads to Gmail users and non-users alike based on that data. Her worry was less over the marketing tactics, and more over the possibility that Google would keep […] .

The Future of the Internet: Futurist Speaker Gerd Leonhard at ITU World Bangkok 2013

Inspirational futurist Gerd Leonhard delivered a compelling, challenging, and at times chilling glimpse into a possible near future dominated by data, digital dependence and dramatic sociological changes. Over the next ten years, human to machine interfaces will take us far beyond connected fridges, self-parking cars and intelligent wristwatches — and at an unbelievable pace, as real life begins to outstrip fiction. Artificial intelligence will augment our bodies and extend our personalities into devices as chips as small as 5 nanometres across become fast, cheap and embedded in everything. This is the new version of the internet: the internet of everything […]

The Infusion of Brand Marketing and Big Data Analytics

The Infusion of Brand Marketing and Big Data Analytics Branding is a representation of the market identity of a company. It is a tool by which a company is able to build their own identity, to communicate what their products are, the quality of their services and the projection […] .

Harnessing Mobile Users: The Power of Big Data in Social Apps

Harnessing Mobile Users: The Power of Big Data in Social Apps The mobile application space has exploded in recent years. This exponential growth is a result of increased demand for mobile applications that serve any need from ordering a pizza to sending sepia-soaked selfies to friends. With demand has […] .

Why Marketers Love Big Data & Hadoop

Why Marketers Love Big Data & Hadoop In the past advertising and marketing was pretty straight forward. Girls like pink and boys like blue. Women belonged in an apron and men in the garage. Furthermore, the power was in the hands of businesses rather than those of the consumers. […] .

The Los Angeles Police Department Predicts and Fights Crime With Big Data

When the movie Minority Report was released in 2002, the predicting and consequently preventing of crime was still science fiction. It was far away and criminals-to-be had not to fear about predictive analytics being used by the police. Fast-forward to 2014 and things have changed. Although we are still […] .

How Tech Trends Are Going to Affect Big Data Significantly [VIDEO]

The amount of data that can be processed within a certain timeframe depends on the technology that is used. With the amount of data being created growing exponentially, the required technology is changing as well. This will have a significant effect on how Big Data will be processed, stored […] .