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Worried about the Capital One hack? Here’s what to do

Hong Kong (CNN Business)Millions of Capital One customers have been affected by a data breach that the bank says happened in March when a software engineer allegedly exploited a vulnerability to access its systems. Approximately 100 million people in the United States and 6 million more in Canada are affected, the company said, with about 140,000 Social Security numbers, 1 million Canadian Social Insurance numbers and 80,000 bank account numbers compromised. First off, “get ready to spend some time and energy,” to make sure everything’s in order, said Erica Sandberg, a consumer finance expert based in San Francisco. The […] […]

Capital One hack exposed thousands of Social Security numbers. Why are we still using them as ID?

Bad actors can use Social Security numbers to steal your identity, open bank accounts, apply for a loan or receive medical care under your name. Many of the biggest hacks in recent years, including those targeting Equifax , insurance company Anthem and the US Postal Service , have left Social Security numbers exposed. Because these numbers are so closely tied to our identities, it raises the question: Why are we still using Social Security numbers as ID? In 1936, the Social Security number was introduced to track a worker’s earnings history for benefits, according to the Social Security Administration. […] […]

Critical Flaws Found in VxWorks RTOS That Powers Over 2 Billion Devices

vxworks rtos vulnerability Security researchers have discovered almost a dozen zero-day vulnerabilities in VxWorks, one of the most widely used real-time operating systems (RTOS) for embedded devices that powers over 2 billion devices across aerospace, defense, industrial, medical, automotive, consumer electronics, networking, and other critical industries. According to a new report Armis researchers shared with The Hacker News prior to its release, the vulnerabilities are collectively dubbed as URGENT/11 as they are 11 in total, 6 of which are critical in severity leading to ‘devastating’ cyberattacks. Armis Labs is the same IoT security company that previously discovered the BlueBorne […] […]

Facebook’s Libra could massively help the cryptocurrency industry — or hurt it badly

New York (CNN Business)Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency worries lawmakers. And increased government scrutiny for Libra could dent plans not only for Facebook but for other cryptos as well. Others in the field worry lawmakers’ distrust of Facebook might prompt harsh regulations that could stunt the nascent crypto industry’s growth. When Libra exploded onto the cryptocurrency scene last month, it brought attention to a sector that’s been growing quietly and operating without clear regulations for a decade. Suddenly, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle were talking publicly about cryptocurrency and stressing the need to regulate it: Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters […] […]

The Terrible Anxiety of Location Sharing Apps

Elena Lacey; Getty Images It’s 1:30 in the morning and I’m pretty sure my girlfriend is dead. She went out with friends after work to celebrate somebody’s birthday. I opted to stay in and go to bed at a decent hour because I have work in the morning, and also because I am lame. But now I’m awake, staring at the little circular blip on my phone, waiting for it to move. The blip is in Google Maps, which offers the ability to share your location with others. My girlfriend and I had been living together for about a […] […]

Marty the grocery store robot is a glimpse into our hell-ish future

Attention shoppers: I’ve seen the future of grocery store technology, and let me tell you, we can do better. I’m no Marty McFly. I simply reside in a small Connecticut town, which means that in addition to doing Extremely New England things like commuting to the city on the Metro North, bragging about beaches, and the fact that the state inspired the picturesque fictional town in Gilmore Girls , I occasionally spend some time on the weekends shopping for groceries at a local Stop & Shop. Prior to 2019, the Stop & Shop shopping experience was similar to that […] […]

Facebook gets closer to letting you type with your mind

San Francisco (CNN Business)Elon Musk’s Neuralink isn’t the only company that wants to send your thoughts straight from your brain to a computer. More than two years ago, Facebook revealed it was working on a project for typing words onto a computer right from your brain, without requiring invasive surgery to make it work. The company has been working with several universities on the effort, including the University of California, San Francisco. Facebook helped pay for UCSF researchers to study whether electrodes placed in the brain could help us learn to “decode” speech from brainwaves in real time. As […] […]

​Vijf indrukwekkende innovaties in de (online) casino wereld

Binnen twee jaar is het zover: de online kansspelmarkt wordt vrijgegeven en de Nederlandse markt maakt voor het eerst kennis met een groot aantal online casino’s. De continue ontwikkelingen in dit gebied hebben niet alleen een positief effect gehad op de regelgeving maar ook op de technologie achter de (online) casino’s. Gokken en specifiek op spellen als online roulette is populairder dan ooit en hier mag dan ook enige technologische vooruitgang van worden verwacht. Dat zien we online en offline. Grote casino’s met een wereldwijd bereik als Caesars Entertainment en Wynn investeren in een multi-platform technologie. Online spelers zoals […] […]

Geanonimiseerde gegevens blijken toch niet zo anoniem

Onderzoekers van Universiteit Leuven en het Imperial College Londen hebben ontdekt dat het de-anonimiseren van geanonimiseerde datasets makkelijker is dan tot voor kort werd aangenomen . Ze hebben dit aangetoond door middel van een model dat schat hoe makkelijk het is om een dataset te de-anonimiseren. Geanonimiseerde gegevens worden overal voor gebruikt: medisch onderzoek, gepersonaliseerde aanbevelingen en moderne AI-technieken. De veronderstelling is dat alle persoonlijke identificeerbare informatie verwijderd is terwijl een kern van de nuttige informatie voor onderzoekers behouden blijft. Zo heeft een ziekenhuis de mogelijkheid om de namen, adressen en geboortedata van patiënten te verwijderen uit een set […] […]

Here’s How Much Bots Drive Conversation During News Events

Casey Chin; Getty Images Last week, as thousands of Central American migrants made their way northward through Mexico, walking a treacherous route toward the US border, talk of ” the caravan ,” as it’s become known, took over Twitter. Conservatives, led by President Donald Trump, dominated the conversation, eager to turn the caravan into a voting issue before the midterms. As it turns out, they had some help—from propaganda bots on Twitter. Late last week, about 60 percent of the conversation was driven by likely bots. Over the weekend, even as the conversation about the caravan was overshadowed by […] […]

The CEO’s Social Media Challenge

Like it or not, most CEOs are fighting a losing battle when it comes to social media. They are overwhelmed and bewildered. Many have decided to essentially withdraw and leave it to others to figure out. First the good news: companies are opening their wallets when it comes to social media spending. Budgets are going up faster than almost any other corporate expenditure. In a 2018 survey, US-based chief marketing officers reported that digital marketing expenditures were growing at double-digit rates and predicted that spending on social media alone would capture nearly 25 percent of total marketing budgets by […] […]

The US pushes to build unhackable quantum networks

Researchers working on quantum teleportation A few years ago, Edward Snowden, a contractor working for the US National Security Agency, leaked documents that showed the ways in which intelligence agencies were spying on our data. One of the most striking revelations was that spies had tapped into fiber-optic cables to monitor the vast amounts of information flowing through them. Snowden’s revelations have spurred efforts to tap the almost mystical properties of quantum science to make such hacking impossible. Now there are signs of progress. A startup called Quantum Xchange says it has struck a deal giving it access to […] […]

Why Tech Companies Lie

Customers, investors, regulators, and yes, journalists rely on what companies officially tell us about their businesses, their products, and their future prospects. Sure, we all have our own sources and experiences to help us decide if we believe what we’ve been told. But those aren’t always enough to prevent people from planning on or even buying products that never ship, investing in companies that never deliver, or writing glowingly about some new technology that eventually dead-ends or is massively delayed. It’s tempting to lump those misstatements into the broad category of “lies.” From the outside, it’s easy to assume […] […]

A digital revolution is reshaping Democratic campaigns

Two weeks before the 2016 election, Bloomberg’s Joshua Green and Sasha Issenberg published a story about Trump’s brash, self-aggrandizing digital team. Democrats treated the story as evidence of the Trump campaign’s utter cluelessness, until he won. For months after, coverage of the Trump’s tech and digital strategy dominated headlines. Those stories had consequences: Facebook locked down its user data; Cambridge Analytica folded; and a wave of startups, including my own, emerged to help progressives mobilize online. A change is coming to the Democratic Party, and for some campaigns, it’s already here. I’ve seen it firsthand. As part of my […] […]

Ransomware and the enterprise: A new white paper

Throughout 2018 criminals have continued to target large organizations with ransomware. Today we introduce a new white paper that explains why ransomware is still a serious threat to your organization – regardless of size – and what can be done to reduce exposure to, and damage from, ransomware attacks. The paper focuses on three particularly dangerous ransomware attack vectors: remote access, email, and supply chain. The paper is intended to help CEOs, CIOs, CISOs, and enterprise risk managers understand the current state of the ransomware threat as well several evolving areas of concern. The more technical aspects of ransomware […] […]

How to Get iOS 12.1 on Your iPhone

Apple Last month’s iOS 12 update gave us screen time tools , security updates , and a whole heap of new features that make your iPhone feel new again. Now, with iOS 12.1, you get even more ways to express yourself on your iPhone and iPad. With Group FaceTime, you can chat with up to 32 friends and family. You can also spice up your messaging life with 70 new emoji —including a freezing-cold smiley, a mooncake, and a long-awaited redhead . Most importantly, unlike the $1,199 MacBook Air announced today , this sweet software update is totally free. […] […]

IoT: A roomful of conundrums

As the drive to bring any and all imaginable physical objects online continues full steam ahead, internet-enabled devices are increasingly part of our day-to-day routines. In our quest for more productive and enjoyable – or simply easier – lives, we cannot avoid jumping on the Internet-of-Things (IoT) bandwagon. Up to 30 billion devices are predicted to be online by 2020 , according to the Mozilla Foundation. To be sure, IoT is not just about our personal efficiency or enjoyment, and the class of products such as smart watches or smart light bulbs. Spurred by innovations in hardware, networking, cloud […] […]

Google Discover begins to replace the iconic search box on mobile

It’s not broke, but Google is fixing it. As it announced last month , Google is rebranding Google Feed, its news landing page on Android and in the Google app, to be called Google Discover. Throwing minimalism out the window, Google Discover will replace the iconically spartan homepage on mobile. Discover is rolling out now on across both iOS and Android devices. For Android users, Discover is already baked into the interface, accessible by swiping right from the home screen. Anyone using the Google app on iOS or Android will also be met with the Discover homepage, […] […]

IBM’s $34 billion purchase of Red Hat is a mega-bet on a coding revolution

Today The world’s biggest-ever deal for a software company points towards a significant change in how code is being developed for the computing cloud. The news: Big Blue is swallowing Red Hat , a company that has made its reputation in open-source software development. The open-source movement makes core code freely available so that a community of developers can keep updating it. Companies like Red Hat create services to help companies deploy and use that code. Not just a business deal: IBM is interested in Red Hat because of its infrastructure for managing various kinds of cloud platforms. But […] […]

Chevy’s Making an Electric Camaro to Dominate the Drag Strip

Chevy has created a vehicle that would hurt Dominic Toretto more than a treacherous family member: an all-electric Camaro. Punch ” Tesla drag race vs” into YouTube, and you’re offered a panoply of ways to complete your search. You can watch one of Elon Musk’s electric cars face off with Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Dodge Hellcats, McLarens, Corvettes, and just about any supercar or muscle machine you can think of. These videos are much the same: Again and again, the instant torque of the EV’s motors smokes the gas belcher off the line, leaving nothing but the squeal of the tires […] […]

How Google’s Night Sight Works, and Why It’s So Good

Reading all the gushing praise for Google’s new Night Sight low-light photography feature for Pixel phones, you’d be forgiven for thinking Google had just invented color film. In fact, night shooting modes aren’t new, and many of the underlying technologies go back years. But Google has done an amazing job of combining its prowess in computational imaging with its unparalleled strength in machine learning to push the capability past anything previously seen in a mobile device. We’ll take a look at the history of multi-image capture low-light photography, how it is likely used by Google, and speculate about what […] […]

Stanford Researchers Build AI Directly Into Camera Optics

Until recently, cameras were exclusively designed to create images for humans — for fun, for art, and for documenting history. With the rapid growth of robots as well as various other kinds of machines and vehicles that need to observe and learn from their environment, many cameras are dedicated to machine vision tasks. Some of the most visible of those, like autonomous vehicles , rely heavily on object recognition, which almost universally means neural networks trained on commonly found objects. One limitation on the deployment of machine vision in many embedded systems, including electric vehicles, is the necessary compute […] […]

Some of the Oldest Galaxies in the Universe Orbit the Milky Way

When the universe was young, there were no stars, galaxies , or even atoms. As space expanded, hydrogen atoms formed and coalesced into stars. Eventually, the first galaxies emerged, and some of those galaxies may still exist. New data from researchers at Durham University in the UK and Harvard in the US suggests several of those ancient galaxies could be in our own backyard . This discovery also lends credence to a leading model of the early universe. Our current understanding holds that the early universe was not even transparent to radiation. It took thousands of years for that […] […]

Before Using Birth Control Apps, Consider Your Privacy

Hotlittlepotato Score one for the quantified self-surveillance movement. Last week, the US Food and Drug Agency approved the first-ever, over-the-counter digital contraceptive—a polished and almost preternaturally upbeat mobile app called Natural Cycles . Basal body temperature readings and monthly menstruation data feed into an algorithm that tells users whether or not they should be having unprotected sex. Like most forms of birth control, it’s not foolproof ; the app has been dogged by reports of unwanted pregnancies that prompted two ongoing investigations by European authorities into its Swedish maker’s marketing claims. But that hasn’t hurt Natural Cycles’ popularity. The […] […]

Self-Driving Cars Should Look Down, Not Just Ahead

WaveSense ground penetrating radar tech comes out of MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory, a defense R&D center, and was first deployed to help troops navigate in Afghanistan in 2013. Self-driving cars are like snowbird retirees. Given the freedom to live, or operate, anywhere in the country, they turn their backs on wintry states and flock to the sun. There’s a reason Waymo, Uber, and even grocery story giant, Kroger, are testing their shiny new autonomous vehicles in southwestern cities like Phoenix. Yes, Arizona’s regulations are friendly to them, but the year-round good weather is the major draw. As sophisticated as these […] […]

The “neuropolitics” consultants who hack voters’ brains

Maria Pocovi slides her laptop over to me with the webcam switched on. My face stares back at me, overlaid with a grid of white lines that map the contours of my expression. Next to it is a shaded window that tracks six “core emotions”: happiness, surprise, disgust, fear, anger, and sadness. Each time my expression shifts, a measurement bar next to each emotion fluctuates, as if my feelings were an audio signal. After a few seconds, a bold green word flashes in the window: ANXIETY. When I look back at Pocovi, I get the sense she knows exactly […] […]

EU to fine social media platforms that take more than 1 hour to remove extremist content

The European Union is reportedly planning to impose stricter regulations on social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube , and Twitter over the removal of online terrorist propaganda. The Financial Times reported on Sunday that according to new draft regulations to be published next month, the EU plans to impose fines on companies if terrorist content is not deleted within an hour of posting, abandoning its earlier approach of getting internet platforms to remove such content voluntarily. The upcoming legislation builds on guidelines first prescribed by the EU in March for removal of radicalizing online content within one hour. Following […] […]

Distributed teams are rewriting the rules of office(less) politics

When we think about designing our dream home, we don’t think of having a thousand roommates in the same room with no doors or walls. Yet in today’s workplace where we spend most of our day, the purveyors of corporate office design insist that tearing down walls and bringing more people closer together in the same physical space will help foster better collaboration while dissolving the friction of traditional hierarchy and office politics. But what happens when there is no office at all? This is the reality for Jason Fried, Founder and CEO of Basecamp , and Matt Mullenweg, […] […]

Schools Are Mining Students’ Social Media Posts for Signs of Trouble

Aron Ontiveroz/The Denver Post/Getty Images Aaah, the traditions of a new school year. New teachers, new backpacks, new crushes—and algorithms trawling students’ social media posts. Blake Prewitt, superintendent of Lakeview school district in Battle Creek, Michigan, says he typically wakes up each morning to twenty new emails from a social media monitoring system the district activated earlier this year. It uses keywords and machine learning algorithms to flag public posts on Twitter and other networks that contain language or images that may suggest conflict or violence, and tag or mention district schools or communities. In recent months the alert […] […]

​Technofobie of dreigende dystopie?

In China worden grote stappen gezet richting een maatschappij waarin burgers continu worden gevolgd, gemonitord en beoordeeld. Een sociale score moet ervoor zorgen dat men netjes wacht op het stoplicht, vaak op bezoek gaat bij familie en op tijd op het werk verschijnt. Overtredingen leveren strafpunten op en daarmee een lagere score waarmee je minder recht hebt op een goede baan of een appartement. Het is nu nog optioneel, maar in 2020 ontkomt de Chinese burger er niet meer aan. De Volkskrant schrijft in een artikel over de Chinese technologie dat wij, in het westen, nog ‘huiverig’ zijn qua […] […]

Hubble Captures 15,000 Galaxies in a Single Stunning Image

Early in Hubble’s mission, it scanned a patch of sky for 10 days to collect 342 separate images. When assembled, they became the now-famous Hubble Deep Field. NASA has updated this iconic image over the years as the telescope became more powerful, and it’s doing so again. Hubble may be inching toward obsolescence with the upcoming launch of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), but it’s still producing amazing images. The newest panoramic view of the universe shows more galaxies than ever before . According to NASA, the new image features a whopping 15,000 galaxies, and 12,000 of them […] […]

How to Protect Yourself Against a SIM Swap Attack

Casey Chin A spate of hacked Instagram accounts. A $220 million lawsuit against AT&T. A bustling underground crime ring . They all have roots in an old problem that has lately found new urgency: SIM card swaps , a scam in which hackers steal your mobile identity—and use it to upend your life . At its most basic level, a SIM swap is when someone convinces your carrier to switch your phone number over to a SIM card they own. They’re not doing it for prank call cover, or to rack up long-distance charges. By diverting your incoming messages, […] […]

Smart irrigation systems vulnerable to attacks, warn researchers

Security researchers have warned of a potential attack that – using a “piping botnet ” of internet-connected irrigation systems that water simultaneously – could impact a city’s water system to the point of actually draining its reserves. A team of six academics from Ben-Gurion University of Negev, Israel, identified and analyzed security flaws in the firmware of several commercial irrigation systems that are connected to the internet. They focused on three commonly sold smart irrigation systems – GreenIQ, BlueSpray, and RainMachine – and found that they suffer from vulnerabilities that enable attackers to remotely turn watering systems on and […] […]

Eng: Facebook volgt je op nóg veel meer manieren dan je denkt

Dat we op de voet gevolgd worden door Facebook is inmiddels alom bekend, maar nu dat de social media-gigant antwoord heeft gegeven op vragen die in het Amerikaanse congres zijn gesteld blijkt dat het allemaal nog veel verder gaat dan we allemaal dachten. Dit zijn een aantal van de manieren waarop Mark Zuckerberg & Co. ons volgen op het internet, allemaal gehaald uit het document van 222 pagina’s dat is doorgestuurd naar het Congres. Een gedeelte van deze tracking-methodes kenden we al, maar als je het allemaal achter elkaar zet zul je zien dat er heel weinig geheim blijft […] […]

Een film die je kunt sturen met je brein

Aan de universiteit van Nottingham hebben ze iets voor elkaar gekregen wat in eerste instantie lijkt op een goed science fiction verhaal. Waar je normaal gesproken in de bioscoopzaal of op de bank een film kijkt waarvan de slotscène al lang en breed vastligt, kun je nu ook een film kijken die nog alle kanten op kan gaan. De film ‘The Moment’ vormt zich naar de toestand van je brein. Dit zit zo. De activiteit in je brein wordt gemeten met EEG, middels een headset die het hoofd is bevestigd. Hiermee kan gekeken worden of je bijvoorbeeld slaapt, ontspannen […] […]

Signature Validation Bug Let Malware Bypass Several Mac Security Products

A years-old vulnerability has been discovered in the way several security products for Mac implement Apple’s code-signing API that could make it easier for malicious programs to bypass the security check, potentially leaving millions of Apple users vulnerable to hackers. Josh Pitts, a researcher from security firm Okta, discovered that several third-party security products for Mac—including Little Snitch, F-Secure xFence, VirusTotal, Google Santa, and Facebook OSQuery—could be tricked into believing that an unsigned malicious code is signed by Apple. Code-signing mechanism is a vital weapon in the fight against malware, which helps users identify who has signed the app […] […]

Robots Won’t Take Your Job—But They Might Make It Boring

Robert Deyrail/Getty Images Whether they believe robots are going to create or destroy jobs, most experts say that robots are particularly useful for handling “dirty, dangerous and dull” work. They point to jobs like shutting down a leaky nuclear reactor , cleaning sewers , or inspecting electronic components to really drive the point home. Robots don’t get offended, they are cheap to repair when they get “hurt,” and they don’t get bored. It’s hard to disagree: What could possibly be wrong about automating jobs that are disgusting, mangle people, or make them act like robots? The problem is that […] […]

Cognitive diversity and marketing: How AI is improving innovation

NASA employee George Washington handles clerical work more quickly and efficiently than ever before. He never complains about working late hours and he never needs to stop for a coffee break. Washington is a bot who takes in information from emails and identifies job candidate suitability — something formerly completed by human resources personnel. He represents a new type of diversity within organizations, cognitive diversity. Cognitive diversity, simply put, includes different ways of thinking. It consists of both humans (cognitive thinking) and machines (cognitive technologies). Today, automation is pouring into the workplace at an accelerating rate. Cognitive technologies involve: […] […]

With its new in-car operating system, BMW slowly breaks with tradition

When you spend time with a lot of BMW folks, as I did during a trip to Germany earlier this month, you’ll regularly hear the word “ heritage .” Maybe that’s no surprise, given that the company is now well over 100 years old. But in a time of rapid transformation that’s hitting every car manufacturer, engineers and designers have to strike a balance between honoring that history and looking forward. With the latest version of its BMW OS in-car operating system and its accompanying design language, BMW is breaking with some traditions to allow it to look into […] […]

A machine has figured out Rubik’s Cube all by itself

Unlike chess moves, changes to a Rubik’s Cube are hard to evaluate, which is why deep-learning machines haven’t been able to solve the puzzle on their own. Until now. Yet another bastion of human skill and intelligence has fallen to the onslaught of the machines. A new kind of deep-learning machine has taught itself to solve a Rubik’s Cube without any human assistance. The milestone is significant because the new approach tackles an important problem in computer science—how to solve complex problems with when help is minimal. First some background. The Rubik’s Cube is a three-dimensional puzzle developed in […] […]

Apple is closing a loophole that lets police hack into iPhones

It’s a win for privacy advocates, but it’s sure to enrage law enforcement officials by making it harder than ever for them to get information out of locked phones. The news: Apple plans to send out a software update to iPhone users that will make the smartphone’s charging and data port inoperative an hour after the phone has been locked. Though you’ll still be able to charge a phone without tapping in a password, you’ll now need one to pull data off it via that port. Why it matters: Apple has a history of fighting law enforcement efforts to […] […]

China’s ambition to power the world’s electric cars took a huge leap forward this week

China’s grand designs to dominate the future of clean energy paid off spectacularly this week. In a public offering on June 11 in Shenzhen, battery giant Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd. (CATL) raised nearly $1 billion to fund ambitious expansion plans, and its stock has been shooting up every day since. Thanks largely to the company’s new plants, China will be making 70 percent of the world’s electric-vehicle batteries by 2021, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF). The rapid rise of CATL is arguably the clearest, though certainly not the only , payoff from China’s calculated efforts to bolster […] […]

A few big players may have been behind Bitcoin’s huge surge last year

New research (PDF) suggests that a price manipulation scheme may have been behind the cryptocurrency’s extraordinary rally in 2017. The study: Researchers at the University of Texas analyzed blockchain data and found that large purchases of cryptocurrency from multiple trading platforms in exchange for Tether, a crypto-token that’s supposedly pegged to the US dollar , were “timed following market downturns” and, since cryptocurrency prices tend to move as one, resulted in “sizable increases in Bitcoin prices.” This suggests, according to the New York Times , that a few players may have been propping up the price of Bitcoin and […] […]

University of Leeds project is developing tarmac 3D printing robots to repair roads

The University of Leeds is pioneering a £4.2 million national infrastructure research project that will use tarmac 3D printing robots to repair potholes and cracks. These robots will be both aerial and ground-based in order to thoroughly inspect and identify damaged areas on roads in the UK. As part of a visionary project to create “ Self Repairing Cities ”, the University of Leeds has formed a research consortium for the project which includes engineers and faculty from University College London (UCL), the University of Southampton and the University of Birmingham . The project’s teams are currently halfway through […] […]

3D printing in construction, architecture and the built-environment

The use of 3D printing for construction and architecture is a rapidly developing area. Additive manufacturing is used not only in the design stages of construction projects, but is also bringing remarkable full-scale structures to life. This article highlights some of the possibilities that 3D printing brings to the built-environment. These include 3D printed houses, buildings, bridges and infrastructure. The 3D printed Housing 05 Project by CLS Architetti The 3D Housing 05 project from CLS Architetti , an Italian architecture firm, is a sustainable, 3D printed house. The project was showcased at Milan Design Week 2018 . Massimiliano Locatelli, […] […]

Microsoft Issues Emergency Patch For Critical Flaw In Windows Containers

Just a few days prior to its monthly patch release, Microsoft released an emergency patch for a critical vulnerability in the Windows Host Compute Service Shim (hcsshim) library that could allow remote attackers to run malicious code on Windows computers. Windows Host Compute Service Shim (hcsshim) is an open source library that helps “Docker for Windows” execute Windows Server containers using a low-level container management API in Hyper-V. Discovered by Swiss developer and security researcher Michael Hanselmann , the critical vulnerability (tracked as CVE-2018-8115) is the result of the failure of the hcsshim library to properly validate input when […] […]

Oprichter WhatsApp vertrekt bij Facebook vanwege huidige koers

Jan Koum is een naam die je misschien niet kent, maar de miljardair is de CEO en mede-oprichter van WhatsApp . Hij is bij de overname van het bedrijf in 2014 opgenomen in de raad van comissarissen van Facebook, maar volgens de Washington Post is hij alleszins van plan […] .

AI Can Help Cybersecurity—If It Can Fight Through the Hype

There are a ton of claims around AI and cybersecurity that don’t quite add up. Here’s what’s really going on. Walking the enormous exhibition halls at the recent RSA security conference in San Francisco, you could have easily gotten the impression that digital defense was a solved problem. Amidst […] .

Data Protection Standards Need to Be Global

Broadly, customers around the world should be in charge of the information companies have about them, and companies need to be liable if they misuse it. Whether it is Cambridge Analytica gaining access to private information on up to 87 million Facebook users, or the large-scale data breaches at […] .

This test will tell you how likely you are to fall for fraud

Researchers have devised a test that gauges a person’s susceptibility to falling for online scams and other types of internet crime. The freely available questionnaire – called “ Susceptibility to Persuasion – II ” (StP-II) and developed by scientists at the Universities of Cambridge and Helsinki – asks the […] .

A New Cryptocurrency Mining Virus is Spreading Through Facebook

If you receive a link for a video, even if it looks exciting, sent by someone (or your friend) on Facebook messenger—just don’t click on it without taking a second thought. Cybersecurity researchers from Trend Micro are warning users of a malicious Chrome extension which is spreading through Facebook […] .

Chinese Firm Claims It Scans Workers’ Brainwaves to Boost Earnings

China has been pushing the dystopian aspects of its society fairly aggressively of late. The country has rolled out a social “credit” monitoring system, in which citizens are rated based on the social media posts and actions of both themselves and their friends and family. Those with low social […] .

Have we hit peak ransomware? Maybe, according to F-Secure

Ransomware is really nasty. Once it’s infiltrated your system, it’ll place your crucial work files and cherished family photos out of reach, and demand a small fortune in Bitcoin for their return. Fortunately though, new research from Finnish security firm F-Secure suggests that this is a threat that’s hit […] .

Interview: Why We Need Less Tech, Smarter People

Before taking the stage at PSFK’s CXI 2018 conference, cyborg anthropologist Amber Case makes an argument for better, quieter design In the innovation space, we see a lot of tech for tech’s sake. Amber Case is a proponent of the opposite. The author of a book on calm technology […] .

pCloud is the unhackable cloud storage service that is cheaper than Dropbox

Save more than $60 and get more than you would with Dropbox. Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable’s commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. We all need to rethink our approach to […] .

How network theory predicts the value of Bitcoin

Philosophers, economists, and theorists have various ways to judge how money should be valued. Some have said that its worth lies in a high cost of production. Others see it as simply a form of credit that allows the transfer of resources, which is why it can take the […] .

Under Armour says MyFitnessPal data breach affected 150 million users

Under Armour, the fitness company that owns MyFitnessPal, disclosed today a data breach that affected about 150 million users . MyFitnessPal, a food and nutrition application, earlier this week became aware of the breach, which took place late last month. The breached data did not include any Social Security […] .

New York City is launching public cybersecurity tools to keep residents from getting hacked

In a week of harrowing city-level cyber attacks , New York is taking some precautions. While the timing is coincidental, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio just announced that the city will introduce the first tools in its suite of cybersecurity offerings to protect residents against malicious online […] .

AI can invent new ways to create complex molecules

A new algorithm trained on millions of reactions can tell scientists the steps required to build organic compounds. How it works: Researchers at the University of Manchester trained a neural network on the 12.4 million single-step organic-chemistry reactions currently known to science. That data set lets the network predict […] .

A robotic camera system films sports like a human does

New AI software can move and focus a camera to frame shots that look incredibly natural for viewers. How it works: A robotic camera system, called Polycam Player and made by Nikon company MRMC , uses image recognition to track players on the field . Instead of panning and […] .

The Blockchain Solution to Our Deepfake Problems

Blockchain has always seemed to me like a solution looking for a problem, which isn’t a criticism. The laser, the transistor, and the integrated circuit all lingered, underutilized, until either the technology evolved, a complementary technology matured, and/or some clever entrepreneur enabled their wide and disruptive adoption. Or take […] .

Forget Self Driving. The Future is in Self Parking

Up to a third of the cars clogging the roads in a given downtown area are people looking for parking. Up to a third of the cars clogging the roads in a given downtown area are people looking for parking. You’ve done it yourself, circling the block four times, […] .

Yes, Even Elite Hackers Make Dumb Mistakes

Mai Schotz On Thursday, a report from the Daily Beast alleged that the Guccifer 2.0 hacking persona —famous for leaking data stolen from the Democratic National Committee in 2016—has been linked to a GRU Russian intelligence agent. What appears to have given Guccifer away: The hacker once failed activate […] .

Critical Infrastructure Interview with David Harley

WeLiveSecurity sat down with David Harley to get a better understanding of Critical Infrastructure and the role he has played in the area throughout his career. [Editor] How did you come to be involved with Critical Infrastructure? [David Harley] I first took an interest in Critical Infrastructure (CI) when […] .

Hey Siri! Read me this locked iPhone’s hidden messages…

Apple has confirmed media reports that your iPhone may not be keeping your messages as private as you think. With iOS 11, Apple introduced a privacy feature that allows you to hide message content on your lock screen. The idea if that you may want to know that you […] .

Is intelligent content insights the secret sauce for engaging content?

AI and privacy predictably dominated conversations at this year’s Adobe Summit, as both speakers and attendees tackled the elephant in the room. Thankfully, the “Summit Sneaks” sessions offered a little respite. Hosted by Leslie Jones of “Saturday Night Live,” experience creators had an opportunity to stand on stage in […] .

Facebook to block data brokers from its ad network

In light of Facebook’s recent privacy woes, the company today pledged to take a meaningful step in writing past wrongs by shutting data brokers out of its multi-billion dollar ad platform. Facebook’s product marketing director Graham Mudd had this to say: We want to let advertisers know that we […] .

Silicon Valley Uncovered: The evolution of tech, media and its impact on society

In 2010, my dear friend Hermoine Way invited me as the first-ever guest on her then new show, “ Silicon Valley Uncovered ” for TheNextWeb. It aired on January 18th, 2011. I share this with you because the conversation, while several years old now, is strangely better suited for […] .

Facebook teen-in-residence defects to Google and launches “Lies”

At age 17, Michael Sayman was Facebook’s youngest employee ever. Having already launched 5 apps, he wowed Mark Zuckerberg, earned a demo spot on stage at Facebook F8 conference, and scored a full-time engineering gig as the social network’s go-to teen . Over the past three years, he helped […] .

Study: Russian Twitter bots sent 45k Brexit tweets close to vote

To what extent — and how successfully — did Russian backed agents use social media to influence the UK’s Brexit vote? Yesterday Facebook admitted it had linked some Russian accounts to Brexit-related ad buys and/or the spread of political misinformation on its platform, though it hasn’t yet disclosed how […] .

The FDA Has Approved Smart Pills That Track When Patients Take Their Meds

The FDA has approved America’s first digital pill. The tablets, called Abilify MyCite, are an antipsychotic which can be used to treat schizophrenia and some cases of bipolar disorder. But unlike a regular pill, they contain a small ingestible sensor to keep tabs on when they’re taken. When swallowed, […] .

Social check: staat het internet écht vol met kattenplaatjes?

In de social check leggen we algemene aannames onder een digitale loep. We analyseren of social media onze onderbuikgevoelens bevestigen of ons juist verrassen. Een soort factchecken dus, maar dan met social data. Als je het mij vraagt zijn ze met afstand het vreemdste internetfenomeen: katten. Grumpy cat, lolcats, […] .

Amazon Key Lets Delivery People Into Your House—and It Just Got Hacked

Today Amazon Key Lets Delivery People Into Your House—and It Just Got Hacked A key hardware safeguard in Amazon’s recently launched while-you’re-out delivery service has been hacked. And, well—less just say you probably should have seen this coming. Amazon Key uses a smart lock and cloud-based security camera in […] .

Why Personalization Is The Word Of The Moment

In a world of mass-market goods and social media scrolling, personalization has more power than ever This article titled “Make my mark: why personalisation is having a moment” was written by Anna-Marie Crowhurst, for on Wednesday 15th November 2017 11.36 UTC Beanz Meanz Heinz, arguably the greatest British […] .

Nederlandse kansspelautoriteit onderzoekt games met ‘lootboxen’

Het is het laatste jaar een steeds groter wordende klacht bij gamers: lootboxen. Voor wie niet speelt: zie het als een pakje verzamelkaarten, met het verschil dat de kaarten iets doen in een game waar je als speler iets aan hebt. Dat varieert van cosmetische attributen zoals bijvoorbeeld een […] .

Another Shady App Found Pre-Installed on OnePlus Phones that Collects System Logs

The OnePlus Saga Continues… Just a day after the revelation of the hidden Android rooting backdoor pre-installed on most OnePlus smartphones, a security researcher just found another secret app that records tons of information about your phone. Dubbed OnePlusLogKit , the second pre-installed has been discovered by the same […] .

The cloud is changing IT. But not really…

Thinkstock The cloud has been the swiss army knife of IT departments for over a decade. The cloud is secure, extensible and cost-aligned. Managing the cloud is easy, you just move the slider over for more or uncheck the box to delete it. The cloud changed how IT works […] .

IT productivity through project failure

Thinkstock All too often when projects fail, people are reassigned, project managers and key team members fall from favor, and the company quickly moves forward toward other new and important business initiatives. This phenomenon, at least the “quickly moving forward” part, also often happens to a lesser degree when […] .

What Climate-Conscious Cities Can Learn From Each Other

Zollverein, a former industrial site in Essen, lit up for an art installation in 2010. This story originally appeared on CityLab and is part of the Climate Desk collaboration. In many ways, Essen is the envy of cities trying to move past their industrial days. Once the steel and […] .

One-third of internet pounded by DoS attacks

“A third of the internet is under attack.” This blunt and sobering statement comes from a team of researchers who recently explored the threat landscape populated by denial-of-service (DoS) attacks worldwide. What they report finding is nothing short of, to use their own words, “ an eye-opening statistic ” […] .

Fitbit has a new partnership to help wearers manage diabetes with the Ionic smartwatch

Fitbit’s latest partnership will help people with diabetes use the new Ionic smartwatch to monitor glucose levels. Fitbit is looking to expand its health monitoring capabilities beyond just fitness tracking, so the company is teaming up with a major medical device maker to help people manage diabetes directly on […] .

Live-Streaming for Business: How, When and Why You Should Use It [Infographic]

Live-streaming is a key trend of the moment, with an increasing number of brands and individuals looking to streaming to help boost reach and engagement. And while not everyone can be a live-stream star, and not every live-stream draws an audience, there’s clearly demand there. According to Facebook , […] .

Three Dropbox Competitors for Secure Storage

It’s a service that’s intuitive, fast, and equipped with an excellent set of features built around usability, syncing, and sharing. Dropbox competitors seem to lag behind this giant in quite a few ways. We really like Dropbox , but if you want the best security around, it’s time to […] .

A Guide to Planning Instagram Stories for Events

Each new event marks an exciting opportunity – and responsibility – for any brand or business. Whether you’re planning a conference for your customer base, or opening a new flagship store, social media marketing managers now must focus on connecting the experience with their audience – both those in […] .

WhatsApp Adds New Visual Tools, Expanding the App’s Use-Case

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is launching a new set of visual enhancement features today, as it looks to broaden its use-case and expand it’s potential. As reported by TechCrunch , WhatsApp is adding image filters, reply shortcuts (which enable more efficient responses to specific messages in-stream), and albums (which group photos […] .

How Users Engaged with the 2017 UEFA Champions League Final on Facebook and Instagram [Infographic]

It’s always interesting to note the actual expanse of Facebook’s reach, and the on-platform conversation volume around major events. The 2017 UEFA Champions League final was held last weekend, and as noted by Facebook “Football is the most popular sport” on the platform. As such, their latest stats on […] .

Alphabet’s New Air Traffic Control System Steers Drones Away From Peril

Flying a drone is easy enough. Ensuring that thousands of them flying through the same airspace don’t crash into each other, though? That’s a bit harder. Fortunately for the future of drones, Alphabet’s X laboratory has been developing its own solution. The vision of a sky filled with autonomous […] .

How Can We Optimize AI for the Greatest Good, Instead of Profit?

How can we ensure that artificial intelligence provides the greatest benefit to all of humanity? By that, we don’t necessarily mean to ask how we create AIs with a sense of justice. That’s important, of course—but a lot of time is already spent weighing the ethical quandaries of artificial […] .

Latest NSA Leak Reveals Exactly the Kind of Cyberattack Experts Had Warned About

The details of an apparent Russian state-sponsored cyberattack on local election officials and a vendor of U.S. voting software are shocking—but they shouldn’t be surprising. In fact, experts had been warning for months before the 2016 election about exactly the type of attack that was revealed Monday in leaked […] .

Newly Found Malware Uses 7 NSA Hacking Tools, Where WannaCry Uses 2

A security researcher has identified a new strain of malware that also spreads itself by exploiting flaws in Windows SMB file sharing protocol, but unlike the WannaCry Ransomware that uses only two leaked NSA hacking tools , it exploits all the seven. Last week, we warned you about multiple […] .

The 5 most common online scams to watch for

The internet can be a scary place. Misinformation, false promises, and fake news lurk behind every clickbait headline and questionable link. Entire industries are built to profit from deceptive tricks to con the naive […] .

French researchers find way to unlock WannaCry without ransom

French researchers said on Friday they had found a last-chance way for technicians to save Windows files encrypted by WannaCry, racing against a deadline as the ransomware threatens to start locking up victims’ computers first infected a week ago […] .

Yes, you still need endpoint malware protection

Credit: Irina Tischenko/iStock/Thinkstock –  There has been a steady stream of reports and claims lately that many of us no longer need endpoint security, that antivirus (AV) programs on our PCs are worthless. Gizmodo flat out said that you really don’t need an antivirus app anymore, arguing that Windows 10 […] .

WikiLeaks Reveals ‘Athena’ CIA Spying Program Targeting All Versions of Windows

WikiLeaks has published a new batch of the ongoing Vault 7 leak , detailing a spyware framework – which “provides remote beacon and loader capabilities on target computers” – allegedly being used by the CIA that works against every version of Microsoft’s Windows operating systems, from Windows XP to […] .

More Hacking Groups Found Exploiting SMB Flaw Weeks Before WannaCry

Since the Shadow Brokers released the zero-day software vulnerabilities and hacking tools – allegedly belonged to the NSA’s elite hacking team Equation Group – several hacking groups and individual hackers have started using them in their own way. The April’s data dump was believed to be the most damaging […] .

Ignoring software updates? You’re making one of five basic security mistakes

Cybercrime has quickly become a major problem for businesses, governments and citizens all over the globe. While awareness of this multifaceted threat is increasing, we’re still making the same blunder when it comes to cybersecurity, as a recent study by the Pew Research Center alluded to. Here are a […] .

Reuben Paul still at it with connected toys hack

The security concerns surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT) took another turn at the World Forum at The Hague in the Netherlands on Tuesday, as an 11-year-old boy stunned an audience of cybersecurity experts by hacking their Bluetooth devices. Reuben Paul, who lives in Austin, Texas, and who first […] .

WannaCryptor wasn’t the first to use EternalBlue: Miners misused it days after Shadow Brokers leak

The massive campaign that spread the WannaCryptor (aka WannaCry) ransomware wasn’t the only large-scale infection misusing the EternalBlue and DoublePulsar exploits, leaked by Shadow Brokers. The same mechanism has been misused by black hats as early as the end of April, when they opted for off-the-shelf Monero cryptocurrency mining […] .

Latest Hacking Tools Leak Indicates NSA Was Targeting SWIFT Banking Network

Latest Hacking Tool Leak Indicates NSA Was Targeting SWIFT Banking Network The Shadow Brokers – a hackers group that claimed to have stolen a bunch of hacking tools from the NSA – released today more alleged hacking tools and exploits that target earlier versions of Windows operating system, along […] .

Android Trojan Targeting Over 420 Banking Apps Worldwide Found On Google Play Store

android banking malware Do you like watching funny videos online? I am not kind of a funny person, but I love watching funny videos clips online, and this is one of the best things that people can do in their spare time. But, beware if you have installed a […] .

AI spreekt onze taal en heeft dus ook onze vooroordelen

Kunstmatige intelligentie (AI) neemt onze menselijke vooroordelen over, zo roepen de koppen die refereren aan het onderzoek aan de Universiteiten van Bath en Princeton die AI hebben onderworpen aan een impliciete associatietest (IAT). Tijdens die test komen er normaal gesproken woorden op een scherm te staan de snelheid waarmee […] .

Duo: de slimme spiegel met een assistent er in

We hebben het al vaker zien langskomen, het idee van een spiegel met ingebouwd scherm die je nuttige informatie kan geven. Duo, een project dat in de crowdfunding pre-order fase zit , wil nog een stap verder. Een spiegel met een scherm én een virtuele assistent die je dingen […] .

Russian Hacker Selling Cheap Ransomware-as-a-Service On Dark Web

Ransomware has been around for a few years, but it has become an albatross around everyone’s neck, targeting businesses, hospitals, financial institutions and individuals worldwide and extorting millions of dollars. Forget about developing sophisticated banking trojans and malware to steal money out of people and organizations. Today, one of […] .

Hackers Can Steal Your Passwords Just by Monitoring SmartPhone Sensors

Do you know how many kinds of sensors your smartphone has inbuilt? And what data they gather about your physical and digital activities? An average smartphone these days is packed with a wide array of sensors such as GPS, Camera, microphone, accelerometer, magnetometer, proximity, gyroscope, pedometer, and NFC, to […] .

Drone software gives offline farmers real-time images

Credit: DroneDeploy Cloud computing is all well and good for enterprises with big-data applications and consumers with virtual assistants, but it runs into some limits in an isolated cornfield. On farms and other places far from powerful computers and network connections, there’s a trend away from centralized computing even […] .

Mobile, security tools among education tech favorites

Credit: Vicki Lyons, Sara de la Fuente and Daniel Basile In the school district of La Crosse, Vicki Lyons depends on mobile device management software from Jamf to manage the Wisconsin district’s fleet of iPads and MacBook Air devices. The Apple device management platform plays a key role in […] .

Facebook’s Bizarre VR App Is Exactly Why Zuck Bought Oculus

Facebook “Where do you want to hang out?” Max asked me. “Do you like pandas?” Do I like pandas? This is like asking if someone likes tacos, or sunshine, or the sound a puppy makes when it curls up on your lap. I looked at him a little more […] .

When PR and reality collide: The truth about machine learning in cybersecurity

Machine learning (ML) is routinely cited by post-truth vendors as their biggest selling point, their main advantage. But ML – if it’s done properly – comes with problems and limitations. ESET has spent years perfecting automated detections , our name for ML in the cybersecurity context. Here are some […] .

What Types of Content Generate the Best Response on LinkedIn? [Infographic]

Beyond being merely a host site for your digital resume, LinkedIn can be a powerful platform for building your professional brand. This has been strengthened in recent times by the increase in content being published, shared and read on site – in fact, LinkedIn has reported that they’ve seen […] .

Retailers! Avoid getting hacked during the holiday season (or any other time of the year)

Hackers target retailers during the holiday shopping frenzy each year, so here are a few tips to avoid becoming a victimized business owner, and keep your customers safe this season. And no, you won’t need to get a big loan to improve your security, this is all doable on […] .

Nepnieuws is al erg, maar nepbeelden en -video’s komen er ook aan

“Pics or it didn’t happen”. Je hebt de uitdrukking vast wel een keer gehoord en sinds we allemaal de mogelijkheid hebben om overal foto’s van te maken lijkt het een mooie extra zekerheid om fotografisch bewijs te vragen van een verhaal of claim. Iedereen kan wel van alles vertellen […] .

Police Ask for Amazon Echo Data to Help Solve a Murder Case

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Technology Trends to Watch in Women’s Health

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How Facebook Learns About Your Offline Life

If you have a Facebook account, then you know the deal: you get to connect with your friends, family, loved ones, and those people from high school you never talk to, all for free. In return, Facebook collects information about you—your profile information, articles or pages that you “like,” […] .

Which is cheaper: Containers or virtual machines?

The emergence of application containers has come with questions about where this technology fits in the enterprise technology landscape, and more specifically how it compares to virtual machines. + MORE AT NETWORK WORLD : Are containers VM killers? A new report from 451 Research has some provocative findings on […] .

Germany Bans Facebook From Collecting WhatsApp Data

German Bans Facebook From Collecting WhatsApp Data Just last month, the most popular messaging app WhatsApp updated its privacy policy and T&Cs to start sharing its user data with its parent company, and now both the companies are in trouble, at least in Germany and India. Both Facebook, as […] .

Apple Tracks Who You’re Chatting Using iMessage — and Shares that Data with Police

Doing conversations with your friend on iMessage and thinking that they are safe and out of reach from anyone else other than you and your friend? No, it’s not. End-to-end encryption doesn’t mean that your iMessages are secure enough to hide your trace because Apple not only stores a […] .

China has actually built that elevated bus that travels above car traffic

If you’ve ever been surfing through random videos on Facebook or another social media site you’ve probably seen the concept video of that Chinese train/bus hybrid thing that can travel over cars (and over traffic). But that was just a video rendered concept. And like me, you probably thought […] .

Ransomware: First files … now complete devices

A major threat to computer security is malicious code. In fact, over the years, it has become one of the main causes of security incidents, from the first viruses in 1986 to the most sophisticated malware of today. Recently, a particular type of malware, although not new, has become […] .

The Most Discussed Issues on Facebook and Instagram in June [Infographic]

Facebook has released its latest “ Hot Topics ” reports, highlighting the most discussed issues across Facebook and Instagram, along with which age and gender groups were most engaged in each discussion. So what was the biggest topic of interest for June? As you can see, Father’s Day was […]Patriots Day 2016 movie trailer .

Is Wi-Fi finally ‘fast enough?’

Wi-Fi has become so ubiquitous over the past decade and a half that we talk about it – and complain about it – like it’s part of the weather. Be honest, average user – the first thing you think when your connection starts acting up is “damn it, what’s […] .

Why being open source is not killing Android

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes has written a piece on ZDNet titled “ Being open source is killing Android ” where he shared some interesting views on Android. In the article he identified fragmentation as Android’s biggest problem. Chances are high that you said that the biggest problems facing Android are fragmentation […] .

How IoT Is Blossoming In The Garden

The internet of things can seriously up your green thumb game The Internet of Things (IoT) is a growing market and will have an ever-increasing presence in our everyday lives in the years to come. A Wall Street […] .

This Tiny Computer Doesn’t Require a Battery

University of Washington has created quarter-sized computer that pulls power from the air Even with all our gadgets and gizmos, we still rely on the battery power of our devices to get us through the day. […] .

This Artificially Intelligent Toy Helps Children With Their Emotional Development

Povi is a connected toy on a mission to sharpen your child’s EQ Povi is a connected toy on a mission to sharpen your child’s EQ With an overwhelming growth of screens and devices surrounding us today, many children born into this computing generation are remarkably tech savvy, but […] .

3 Mistakes That Undermine Using Social Media for Customer Service

Five years ago, social customer service was barely a blip on anyone’s radar. Only 10% of organizations where using social channels for customer service. This small pool included risk-takers with a tolerance for potential failure – companies like Comcast. When Comcast established @ComcastCares in March 2008, it was (for […] .

From Browse To Buy: How to Make Social Media Shoppable

Brands are intent on growing their presence on social media. By posting regularly and engaging with customers online, they increase customer loyalty and humanize their brand. For most, social serves as a channel for ensuring customer happiness and for growing their reach. While it’s indisputable that social channels should […] .

DDoS Extortionists made $100,000 without Launching a Single Attack

In Brief Cyber crooks find a new and ingenious way to make hundreds of thousands of dollars with no effort. An unknown cyber gang, pretending to be Armada Collective , has made more than $100,000 in less than two months simply by threatening to launch DDoS attack on websites, […] .

How Retailers Are Using SMS To Ease The Path To Purchase

The Power of Chat Debrief spotlights how transactions are being embedded in the chat interface We share images, updates and locations over social channels to remain ever-connected to our peers, but the most efficient […] .

How Wearable Tech Can Be Used for Social Good

Designs from The New School are helping us disconnect and aiding people with visual impairment The functionality of clothing continues to expand thanks to the concept of wearable technology. Not limited to one use […] .

Do We Deserve Total Digital Privacy?

A quarter-century ago, a “protracted battle” over encryption began between law enforcement and civil-rights activists. Digital technology offers, in principle, unprecedented privacy. It is possible to use a computer program to encode a message so that its meaning will be revealed only to someone possessing a digital key. Such […] .

How Did Hackers Who Stole $81 Million from Bangladesh Bank Go Undetected?

In Brief Investigators from British defense contractor BAE Systems discovered that hackers who stole $81 million from the Bangladesh Central Bank actually hacked into software from SWIFT financial platform, a key part of the global financial system. The hackers used a custom-made malware to hide evidence and go undetected […] .

We all talk of innovation, but few us start with innovation in our own work

Brian Fanzo I don’t normally share things like this, but…I’ve had a heck of a week. On Monday, I released what I would consider my most significant research to date on the subject of digital transformation, “ The Race Against Digital Darwinism: Six Stages of Digital Transformation .” I […] .

Three Trends That Dominated Social Video in 2015

In 2015, social marketers mastered native video just as it became the fastest-growing ad form on social media. We broke down all of the year’s most successful videos to find exactly what was going on on different social media platforms, and found the trends that drove social marketing to […] .

When Siri Clones Won’t Do: The Many Shades of Facebook’s AI-Powered Future

Some months back, Facebook introduced M, an AI-slash-human-powered virtual assistant to several hundred users in the San Francisco bay area. Mind you, M isn’t just a Siri clone: the human brains behind it allow it to perform much more complicated (and offbeat) tasks, like drawing wacky pictures or sending (live!) parrots to someone’s office, as well as more practical tasks like booking flights or buying movie tickets—hint, hint, Star Wars aficionados… .

How to Handle Customer Complaints Via Social Media

Are your customers leaving negative comments on social media? Do you need a plan to handle customer complaints? Responding quickly and appropriately to negative social comments can help you increase customer loyalty and retention. In this article you’ll find out how to deal with negative comments on social media […] .

Google Fires At Sonos, Adds Multi-Room Support To Chromecast Audio

Back in September, Google came out of no where with Chromecast Audio. The idea: take the Chromecast concept (tap a button, send a video to your TV and control it from your phone) and make it audio-only, letting you add some WiFi-enabled smarts to any stereo system you’ve already […] .

Facebook lets anyone build a social network with its AI hardware

Facebook is for the first time contributing AI hardware designs to its own Open Compute Project , namely the Big Sur modular servers that it uses for complex artificial intelligence tasks. Big Sur is Open Rack-compatible and contains eight high-performance GPUs, which have enabled the company to improve its […] .

13 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week

The TechCrunch crew is back from Disrupt London with exciting news to report and a few new companies for you to meet. Jukedeck, an AI startup that writes music for your videos , took home the Disrupt Cup and the £30,000 grand prize. The winner of the Disrupt London […] .

5 innovators who want to make your life easier

Nigerian cartoonist and YouTube star. Yagazie Emezi, on a TSTMKRS app experience at Zaina Lodge in Ghana’s Mole National Park. (CNN)According to Google CEO Eric Schmidt , “great innovators and great companies see the space that others don’t.” But we’d also add that innovators demonstrate an awe-inspiring level of […] .

Germany just fired up a monster machine that could revolutionize the way we use energy

On Thursday, the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics fired up a monster machine that it hopes will change the world. The machine is called the Wendelstein 7-X, or W7-X for short. It’s a type of nuclear-fusion machine called a stellarator […] .

The End of Internet Advertising as We’ve Known It

My sister, a retired U.S. Navy commander, has a perfect military expression for what she does with her Sunday newspaper when it arrives: she “field-strips” it. Out go advertising inserts and other unwanted sections, sometimes before the paper even gets inside her house. Same goes for junk mail. The […] .

Here’s What Developers Are Doing with Google’s AI Brain

Jeff Dean speaks at a Google event in 2007. An artificial intelligence engine that Google uses in many of its products, and that it made freely available last month, is now being used by others to perform some neat tricks, including translating English into Chinese, reading handwritten text, and […] .

5 Lesser-Known Factors That Influence How People Experience Your Site

5 Lesser-Known Factors That Influence How People Experience Your Site | Social Media Today “User experience” or “UX” is a big buzz-phrase that everyone in web design seems to love throwing around nowadays. Mind you, with Google’s ever-increasing focus on semantic search and the premiums it puts on user […] .

Watch Full Movie The Boss Baby (2017)

The Boss Baby (2017) HD Director : Tom McGrath. Producer : Ramsey Ann Naito, Denise Nolan Cascino. Release : March 23, 2017 Country : United States of America. Production Company : Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, DreamWorks Animation. Language : English. Runtime : 97 min. Genre : Animation, Comedy, Family. ‘The Boss Baby’ is a movie genre Animation, was released in March 23, 2017. Tom McGrath was directed this movie and starring by Alec Baldwin. This movie tell story about A story about how a new baby’s arrival impacts a family, told from the point of view of a delightfully […]

Why some 13-year-olds check social media 100 times a day

Why are teens so anxious about what’s happening online? #Being13 found that it’s largely due to a need to monitor their own popularity status, and defend themselves against those who challenge it. 61% of teens said they wanted to see if […]Why Him? 2016 film trailer .

7 intelligent social analytics tools for the new age

The value of social media analytics was long before proven. But the extent to which it is influencing real-time business decisions has made all predictions look miniscule. Today, social insights has become one of the primary inputs into marketing and product strategy formulation. Dashboards by Radian6, Brandwatch and Sysomos […] .

Combatting unemployment insurance fraud with big data analytics

The last few years have seen many data and information breaches from both public and private organizations. One breach of particular concern involves personally identifiable information (PII). The Department of Homeland Security defines PII as any information that permits the identity of individuals to be directly or indirectly inferred, […] .

Big Data, Big Problems: 4 Major Link Indexes Compared

Given this blog’s readership, chances are good you will spend some time this week looking at backlinks in one of the growing number of link data tools. We know backlinks continue to be one of, if not the most important parts of Google’s ranking algorithm. We tend to take […] .

Uitgevers hebben het gebruik van AdBlock over zichzelf afgeroepen

Steeds meer mensen gebruiken applicaties om advertenties te blokkeren en zo ongestoord websites te kunnen bekijken. Zo’n 198 miljoen mensen wereldwijd, waarvan 77 miljoen Europeanen, hebben momenteel al een dergelijke ‘Adblocker’ geïnstalleerd. Dat zijn er 41% meer dan een jaar geleden en dat begint langzaamaan zijn effect te hebben […] .

Talk data to me!

Is data in uw organisatie ook gespreksonderwerp nummer 1? Zet dan 30 september en 1 oktober prominent in uw agenda. Want dan gaat het grootste Big Data evenement van Nederland van start in de Jaarbeurs Utrecht: De Big Data Expo . De Big Data Expo focust zich op de […] .

Download and Watch Movie Lion (2016)

Lion (2016) HD Director : Garth Davis. Producer : Iain Canning, Angie Fielder, Emile Sherman. Release : November 24, 2016 Country : Australia, United Kingdom, United States of America. Production Company : The Weinstein Company, See-Saw Films, Screen Australia, Aquarius Films, Sunstar Entertainment. Language : বাংলা, English, हिन्दी. Runtime : 118 min. Genre : Drama. Movie ‘Lion’ was released in November 24, 2016 in genre Drama. Garth Davis was directed this movie and starring by Sunny Pawar. This movie tell story about A five-year-old Indian boy gets lost on the streets of Calcutta, thousands of kilometers from home. He survives […]

IoT, cloud and Big Data analytics reshape vertical markets

The advent of the Internet of Industrial Things (IoIT) has triggered an influx of services such as cyber security and advanced maintenance, and this has dramatically widened business opportunities in the manufacturing services sector, according to a new study from Frost & Sullivan. As integration with information and communication […] .

Additive Manufacturing Is Poised to Disrupt Conventional Manufacturing

Remember the industrial revolution? Industrial 3D printing will be bigger. That may seem like a bold statement—especially at a time when many people already think that 3D printing is over-hyped. However, facts support the assertion. Consider that there now exists a single technology from which almost everything can be […] .

Industry Experts Predict The Future Of Retail

The world of retail is constantly changing, whether it’s influenced by new technology , the way new products are marketed or how consumers choose to shop , big changes are around the corner. We decided to reach out to those who live and breathe everything retail and ask for […] .

Local Consumer Review Survey

Key ‘Takeaways’ North American Consumer Research 2015 points to the fact that consumers are more than comfortable using the internet to find local businesses, partly due to the wide array of local services available, and partly due to more local businesses building & improving their online presence. 92% of consumers now read online reviews (vs. 88% in 2014) 40% of consumers form an opinion by reading just 1-3 reviews (vs. 29% in 2014) Star rating is #1 factor used by consumers to judge a business 44% say a review must be written […] .

Watch Full Movie Collateral Beauty (2016)

Collateral Beauty (2016) HD Director : David Frankel. Writer : Allan Loeb. Producer : Michael Sugar, Brad Dorros, Allan Loeb, Anthony Bregman, Kevin Scott Frakes. Release : December 6, 2016 Country : United States of America. Production Company : Warner Bros. Pictures, Likely Story, Anonymous Content, Overbrook Entertainment, PalmStar Media. Language : English. Runtime : 97 min. Genre : Drama, Romance. Movie ‘Collateral Beauty’ was released in December 6, 2016 in genre Drama. David Frankel was directed this movie and starring by Will Smith. This movie tell story about Retreating from life after a tragedy, a man questions the universe […]

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat Most Popular Networks Among Millennial Teens [Report]

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat Most Popular Networks Among Millennial Teens [Report] | Social Media Today Millennial teens are the first generation to have no memory of a life without internet and cell phones. As such, they’re seen as an important barometer, a yard stick, of sorts, as they’re actions are […] .

B2B Social Media Marketing On Instagram: How To Create A Community For Your Buyers

B2B social media marketing on Instagram | Social Media Today With thousands of social networks available to marketers, the usual suspects: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn get mentioned first for B2B social media marketing. Instagram doesn’t always get mentioned in the same breath for B2B companies. And, Instagram is not […] .

The LinkedIn Marketing Trick The Pros Are Using (And You Should Too)

When it comes to marketing, there are two main ways to hack your way to success. You can A/B test, tweak, test and re-test, until you figure out what works, or you can check out how the Pros are doing it, and start off all your testing and tweaking […] .

Tinder Loses Its Mind on Twitter: Branding and the Streisand Effect

Earlier this week Tinder , the dating app that is largely known for facilitating casual hook-ups , lost its shit on Twitter over an article in Vanity Fair . And a big part of why you may heard about the Vanity Fair article is for no other reason than […] .

Recruiting on Facebook: How to Ethically Screen Candidates [INFOGRAPHIC]

Facebook isn’t only the most popular social media channel in the world; it’s also a tool recruiters can use to get to know candidates. And while over 18 million users have found a job thanks to the site, many companies are learning more about candidates through their Facebook posts […] .

How Hillary and the Other Presidential Hopefuls Are Using Snapchat

In the lead up so far to the 2016 election, social media is more influential than ever. In 2012, Mitt Romney barely had an Instagram , and it was only very recently that Obama joined Twitter . Now, social media must be a part of any smart presidential campaign […] .

Google Announces Re-Structure Under New Company Called ‘Alphabet’

Google Announces Re-Structure Under New Company Called ‘Alphabet’ | Social Media Today In a move that has surprised, well, pretty much everyone , internet search giant Google has announced they’re starting a new company . Sort of. The now former CEO of Google, Larry Page, announced in a blog […] .

When feedback becomes dangerous

I’ve always been fascinated by the music industry. Not necessarily the labels, insane deals, and celebrity status, but more the process of how a new album or song is created and how we only ever really see the final product. It’s not uncommon to have an artist drop off […] .

Some of the hottest big data start-ups of 2015

If predictions are correct, global spending on big data will reach $125 billion in 2015 and so far this year there have been a number of product launches from start-ups that are proving to be extremely hot within the fast growing big data and analytics space. The United Nations […] .

Oops! New Microsoft Windows 10 Is Spying On You

Oops! New Microsoft Windows 10 Is Spying On You Did You Know ? I think not . You are happy to see that Windows 10 officially launched and you get a new Windows with attractive, stylish graphics. But wait.. By downloading and introducing Windows 10, you give Microsoft exceptionally […] .

Simple Text Message to Hack Any Android Phone Remotely #StageFright

Own an Android phone? Beware, Your Android smartphones can be hacked by just a malformed text message. Security researchers have found that 95% of Android devices running version 2.2 to 5.1 of operating system, which includes Lollipop and KitKat, are vulnerable to a security bug, affecting more than 950 […] .

Why IT must be effective and efficient and what It means for your role

While working on the title for my upcoming session at CompTIA ChannelCon 2015, I realized that just one word can make a huge difference. My session is entitled “ Transform from the Inside Out: Building Internal Effectiveness while Growing Your Business .” […] .

Google: Users still aren’t getting message about online security

Google researchers say that experts and non-experts go about protecting their digital privacy in very different ways, according to survey results they plan to present at the upcoming Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security . The importance of regular software updates is apparently […] .

Intelligent Automation: What it is. Why it matters.

Forbes contributing writer Adrian Bridgwater recently observed on , “Automation is massively important in the realm of software application development and software systems testing/management today.” A new industrial revolution. “Technology automation is in fact not so far away from the industrial automation systems […] .

Microsoft to make enterprise security tools generally available

Microsoft will be making two services generally available as part of the company’s push to improve the security of businesses’ data. Brad Anderson, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of enterprise client and mobility, said in a blog post today that the company’s Advanced Threat Analytics security service would be generally […] .

Big Data, Bigger Results: Manufacturers Are Winning in the Cloud

From inventory tracking to supply chain transparency, manufacturers have always been pioneers in the capture and use of data for real-time business operations. But today’s leaders are taking that up yet another notch: to gain a competitive advantage, manufacturers must have tools and systems in place to […] .

Consumers browsing — but not buying — via mobile and social media

mobile browsing Consumers increasingly rely on smartphones and social media to discover and research products of interest, but relatively few people go on to make mobile purchases, according to new research from Synchrony Financial . Specifically, 45 percent of respondents performed shopping-related tasks via mobile, up 4 percent since […] .

An Algorithmic Sense of Humor? Not Yet.

In recent months, artificial-intelligence researchers have made giant strides in matching human performance in all kind of tasks that had, until recently, been thought of as almost impossible for computers. Things like face and object recognition, for example. But there are some areas that are still hugely difficult for […] .

Firefox Temporarily Blocks Adobe Flash Because Of Security Concerns

The fallout of the Hacking Team leak is hitting Adobe hard. The leak revealed two unpatched vulnerabilities in the company’s ubiquitous (and ubiquitously disliked) Flash Player. Because it took Adobe a while to patch these, Mozilla decided to block all versions of Flash for Firefox users. Adobe today finally […] .

Stop Trying To Make Sense Out Of The Reddit Saga

Why does reddit exist? How does reddit exist? Who are all of these people who participate? Who knows? They’re anonymous. How does something like reddit attract $50 million in funding? I have no idea, and a lot of the people I’ve been speaking to in tech circles over the […] .

Leaked Google Data Makes Company More Transparent Than It Wants To Be

Data related to Google’s “Right to be forgotten” (RTBF) removal requests was just torn from the source code of its very own transparency report. The Guardian reports that “less than 5% of nearly 220,000 individual requests made to Google to selectively remove links to online information concern criminals, politicians […] .

You Probably Can’t Jailbreak This Tablet Made For America’s Prisoners

Private corrections service JPay introduced the JP5mini tablet last week, a tablet made specifically for the nearly two million incarcerated Americans that the company services in correctional facilities across 34 states. There are currently over 60,000 of the company’s previous generation JP4 tablets being used in prison’s today. A […] .

How big data analytics help hospitals stop a killer

Big data. Predictive analytics. Real-time. Actionable insight. There’s a buzzword smorgasbord around the use of data to derive value. It doesn’t help that sometimes the benefits can be esoteric, or at least hard to visualize. But sometimes the benefits are crystal clear, as in the fight against sepsis, one […] .

8 things people decide within seconds of meeting you

Psychologists call it “thin slicing.” Within seconds of meeting you, people decide all sorts of things about you, from status to intelligence to promiscuity. Citing a range of scientific studies , we created the below graphic to highlight just how important a first impression can be. Mike Nudelman/Business Insider […] .

Misconceptions about Business Process Management

Business process management When it comes to understanding business process management (BPM), it can be stated that, at surface level, it presents a dichotomy. Most people tend to see it as a system-wide plan for improvement; a form of top-down transformation for the purpose of improving all functions. It […] .

The 5 Best Free Instagram Analytics Tools

Unlike many of the other popular social media platforms out there, Instagram doesn’t have its own analytics dashboard for users and brands to measure the engagement and effectiveness of their posts. Luckily, there are a ton of analytics tools out there that can be used, with some of the […] .

The Value of Smart Social Content Curation

Content curation is a vital facet of strategic social media marketing. Content curation is the practice of discovering, collecting and sharing relevant, high-quality content across your social media channels. A social media presence is no longer optional. If you want your company to be taken seriously, a presence on […] .

ViralNova Sold for $100 Million, and You Won’t Believe How it Happened!

I’ve written before about viral content hoarding website , which rose in the place of Upworthy , which crashed basically when Facebook closed a loophole in what content gets promoted on its news feed. ViralNova, which has been called one of the worst sites on the internet , […] .

What You Need to Know About Facebook’s Relevancy Score

Facebook’s relevancy score is a fairly new statistic for determining ad performance. What determines this metric can be a little unclear. Below are three ways to easily understand and explain the Facebook relevancy score. How It’s Determined Facebook doesn’t provide your ad with a relevancy score until the ad […] .

How Can Brands Rethink Content for the Internet of Things?

As products tap into a more connected world, brands should define an experience for customers before dealing with technology and content As products tap into a more connected world, brands should define an experience for customers before dealing with technology and content The idea of content is changing. It’s […] .

Education Tech Can Help Us Build Schools of the Future

At an exhibition hosted by the Guardian on the future of education, experts focused on how technology is used in the classroom, rather than what technology is used At an exhibition hosted by the Guardian on the future of education, experts focused on how technology is used in the […] .

Beauty Products are Best Showcased Through Library Format

Japanese company Nendo designs library-inspired concept for beauty product consumers Japanese company Nendo designs library-inspired concept for beauty product consumers A Japanese design studio, Nendo , has designed a beauty products store where the products are displayed on a shelves which mirror the layout of a library. The result […] .

Mastering Big Data to Drive Great Customer Experience

I am a big fan of walking into a retail store versus buying things online. This is specifically true for clothes from my favorite retail chain since it gives me access to physically see a wide variety of options combined with great ambiance, music, and […] .

We made it to Pluto: New Horizons spacecraft phones home after flyby

Image: NASA/APL/SwRI A photo of Pluto taken by New Horizons on July 13, 2015. LAUREL, Maryland — Humanity’s first robotic emissary to Pluto has successfully phoned home and appears to be in good health after its close encounter with the dwarf planet earlier today. Mission controllers received a status […] .

NASA probe nears Pluto, carrying ashes of man who discovered it

Pluto on the horizon 16 photos A small amount of the ashes of American astronomer Clyde Tombaugh are on board the New Horizons spacecraft, which has spent more than nine years traveling to the outer reaches of the solar system. The probe is set to pass within 6,200 miles […] .

Educating Citizens on Protecting Their Online Identities

PSFK speaks to Nico Sell, co-founder of the world’s most secure peer-to-peer encrypted messaging system, about the perils of digital security PSFK speaks to Nico Sell, co-founder of the world’s most secure peer-to-peer encrypted messaging system, about the perils of digital security Innovation is the new currency in today’s […] .

Lessons from NATO for Leading the Way in Digital Communication

When digital disrupted the communications landscape, NATO – like many other established international organizations – was standing still while the world was moving forward. Needless to say, things have changed. Steven Mehringer, NATO’s Head of Communication Services, spearheaded NATO’s transition to building a digital infrastructure that reflected audiences’ expectations. […] .

Decision Boundaries for Deep Learning and other Machine Learning classifiers

H2O, one of the leading deep learning framework in python, is now available in R. We will show how to get started with H2O, its working, plotting of decision boundaries and finally lessons learned during this series. For a while (at least several months since many people began to […] .

Interview: Joseph Babcock, Netflix on Discovery and Personalization from Big Data

Joseph Babcock is currently a Senior Data Scientist working on Discovery & Personalization algorithms and data processing at Netflix . Before Netflix, he studied computational biology at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, where his PhD research in the Department of Neuroscience employed machine learning models to predict […] .

Top KDnuggets tweets, Jun 09-15: Which Big Data, Data Mining, Data Science Tools go together? Good Comparison of ML classifiers

Most Retweeted: Which #BigData, #DataMining and #DataScience Tools go together? Which #BigData, #DataMining and #DataScience Tools go together? Most Favorited: Good Comparison of ML classifiers: Decision Trees, Regression, SVM, #NeuralNets #DeepLearning Decision Boundaries for different Machine Learning Classifiers Most Viewed: In #machinelearning, what is better […] .

Become a Predictive Analytics Superhero

Analytics Super Hero This fall, the predictive analytics community is gathering from near and far in Boston to learn how to maximize big data and predictive analytics. Not only will participants be in the great city of Boston, but they’ll also be surrounded by top data scientists who are […] .

Popular Deep Learning Tools – a review

By Ran Bi . Deep Learning is now of the hottest trends in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, with daily reports of amazing new achievements, like doing better than humans on IQ test . In 2015 KDnuggets Software Poll , a new category for Deep Learning Tools was added, […] .

SCADA Systems Offered for Sale in the Underground Economy

SCADA, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisitions, are computer systems that control various real-world equipment . These machines are crucial parts of production lines, power plants and nuclear facilities. They were relatively unknown, even to information security experts, that was until Stuxnet was detected. Stuxnet, a malware supposedly developed by […] .

Charleston Shooting: Reactions On and Off Social Media

Whenever tragedies such as the shooting at the Emmanuel AME church in Charleston, South Carolina occur, reaction on social media is swift. Aside from the fact that users on Twitter identified the suspect long before the FBI publicly identified him , social media seems to have become the platform […] .

Bringing Campaigns to the Next Level with Social Intelligence

Bringing Campaigns to the Next Level with Social Intelligence | Social Media Today A constant array of new products, growing competition and constantly changing customer needs… These are the challenges marketers in all industries face today. With increasing pressure on marketing budgets, the success of every campaign becomes crucial. […] .

May 2015 Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining Acquisitions and Startups Activity

By Gregory Piatetsky, @kdnuggets . My monthly summary of the company, startup, and acquisition activity for May 2015 from @kdnuggets . See the latest under hashtag #BigDataCo . Here are KDnuggets tweets, sorted by decreasing number of engagements, May 18: Spell-binding story of Elon Musk, greatest entrepreneur of our […] .

Meest digitale consument ter wereld komt uit China

Internet is voor de Chinese consument het belangrijkste retailkanaal geworden. Zo blijkt uit onderzoek van consulent PwC bij meer dan negentienduizend consumenten in negentien landen. De onderzoekers zeggen dat zoekmachines, websites van merken en sociale media voor vele Chinese shoppers het startpunt vormen van het aankoopproces. Er wordt aan […] .

Hola — A widely popular Free VPN service used as a Giant Botnet

The bandwidth of Millions of users of a popular free VPN service is being sold without their knowledge in an attempt to cover the cost of its free service, which could result in a vast botnet-for-sale network. ” Hola ,” a free virtual private network, is designed to help […] .

Big Data and IT Automation – A Match Made in Heaven

Over the past several months there has been a lot of hype around ‘Big Data’, yet many IT professionals are not familiar with exactly what this term means, and particularly what it means for them. Let’s take a moment to examine just what Big Data is, and furthermore, how […] .

“Should We Be on Snapchat?” Brands, Stick to the Platforms Your Voice Actually Needs

Call it peer pressure, call it Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), or call it something else, but some marketers and even brand experts will tell companies that they need to be on every social media platform ( did someone say Tinder? ), everywhere, no matter what. While there’s always an […] .

NoSQL Databases: comparing MongoDB, HDInsight, and DocumentDB

Tags: DocumentDB , HDInsight , MongoDB , NoSQL We compare 3 major NoSQL databases: MongoDB, DocumentDB, and HDInsight in terms of data models, scalability, availability, query types, and support for transactions. By Jack Dawson, BigDropInc There are many NoSQL solutions, but this blog will examine choosing between 3 major NoSQL […] .

What happens when criminal law meets neuroscience?

Robert J. Szczerba is the CEO of X Tech Ventures, an innovative company focused on solving some of today’s most challenging problems through the integration of technologies from multiple, diverse domains. This post originally appeared on Forbes.   Transformative technology marks the progress of humanity. It also inevitably raises questions.  […] .

A Startup’s Plans for a New Social Reality

In AltspaceVR’s virtual spaces, avatars can mimic your actual head, arm, and hand movements with the use of an Oculus DK2 headset and Microsoft’s Kinect. We know what social networks are like on the Web and in apps, but what will they be like in virtual reality? While Facebook, […] .

Network Archaeologists Discover Two Types of Social Network Growth in Historical Facebook Data

On February 4, 2004, an entirely new website opened its doors aimed at students at Harvard University. was an online social network designed to compete with the growing numbers of others that had recently emerged, such as,, and so on. Facebook’s popularity grew quickly but […] .

Nine Disruptive Technologies Changing The World

9 disruptive technologies Intelligenthq Change is pretty much a constant state of affairs in the 21 st century, and in no area is this truer than that of technological development. Technology has swept aside vast, powerful established industries, transforming them fundamentally in just a few years. Take, for example, […] .

Top 5 Infographics of the Week: Trends for 2015

With December just around the corner, the end of the year will be here before you know it. 2014 has been great, but we’re already on the hunt for what’s up and coming in the world of marketing and social media in 2015. According to this article by FastCompany […] .

Why your traditional agency will never really understand digital

Image: Mashable Composite/ Christopher Mineses This article is part of SWOT Team , a new series on Mashable that features insights from leaders in marketing, brand-building and public relations. If you compare the techniques of advertising between its “golden era” in the 1940s and ‘50s and today, little has […] .

[Presentation] When Big Data and Predictive Analytics Collide: Visual Magic Happens

Transcript 1. Insights – Analysis – Content Engineering 1 When Big Data and Predictive Analytics Collide: Visual Magic Happens 2. The Problem: Massive data explosion (mobile, social, wearable, cloud, m2m etc.) and brands are struggling to make use of this data. 2 4. PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS 4 Predictive Analytics enables […] .

How Facebook knows who all your friends are, even better than you do

Did you know that you can opt of of nearly all the connections, suggestions, and other features on Facebook, LinkedIn, and most other social media? I too have zero interest in knowing what someone is eating or seeing another stream of near-daily photos of their […] .

How Google Understands You [Infographic]

How Google Understands You [Infographic] You thought the human brain was complex? With its ability to retrieve stored memories from years past and forge connections from seemingly disparate topics, it truly seems like the brain is a miraculous organ that rules our everyday lives. But what about the Google […] .

More Than 36% of Traffic is From Mobile & Tablet, Find Out 5 Ways To Capture These Visits

Currently Google is testing  a new method of showing mobile and tablet users if site is not mobile friendly.  They launched this new icon which is a a Google green mobile friendly icon. Google are suggesting mobile UX may become a ranking factor in the future. Baidu had an […] .

The Limitless Focus Group

When experts want to study animal behavior they don’t go to a zoo, they go to the species’ natural habitat, because that is where they are in their truest form. I believe this is analogous to marketers gathering information from a traditional focus group versus using what I call […] .

Hashtags: When Too Many Hurts Too Much

One time, at a dinner event, I was asked by an older gentleman, “So, you know how hasthags work?” Yes. Yes, I do. For the hashtag neophytes, hashtags are the things people slap on the end of a post. Example: “Great day for a bike ride! #beautifulweather #nofilter # […] .

How Cloud is Changing the Role of IT

Picture this:  Someone calls IT, and he’d patronise and insult his way through fixing minor (to him) computer problems.  He’s always irritated because he is having to react to someone else’s issues. IT was a reactive maintenance and administrative function. In a mainframe environment, those in IT were doing […] .

Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2015 [Infographic]

What does this year hold for technology? Here’s a look the top technology trends for 2015 and predictions of where digital business will be in the next five years. Are you prepared? The top trends for 2015 include the Internet of Things; 3-D printing; advanced, pervasive, and invisible analytics; […] .

Meerkat Already Has a Video-Streaming Competitor to Battle

Followers by default, no 30-second delay and tight integration with Twitter means Periscope could win the live streaming contest It’s becoming a classic story. A new app appears on Product Hunt , suddenly sprawls across the web using your Twitter address book and, before you know it, every other […] .

Algorithm Auction Hosted Proves Code is Art

Tech-inspired collectors’ items to benefit Cooper Hewitt Museum We celebrate art today in many forms — paintings we can hang on the wall, old artifacts with historical significance, interior design that speaks to cultural identities. In the wake of technological advances and new languages, technologists and computer scientists imagine […] .

Social Sharing Habits: New Research Reveals What People Like to Share

Tweet Are you curious about which type of social content gets the most shares? Are social shares part of how you measure social marketing return on investment (ROI)? Do you wonder which social channels’ users share most frequently? In this article you’ll discover the most recent findings about what […] .

The secret science of shopping: Why we buy what we do

I remember sitting in a McDonald’s as a kid and complaining that it was so cold. My dad told me it was cold on purpose; the restaurant doesn’t want you to sit there all night after finishing your meal, he said. The cold temperature supposedly encouraged you to eat […] .

After Charlie Hebdo Shootings, Big Data Shows Hopeful Signs

In January 2015, terrorists shot and killed 17 people in and around Paris, in the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, at a kosher supermarket a few miles away, and in the southern suburb of Montrouge. These attacks, the deadliest in France in more than 50 years, prompted […] .

The Age Of Interruption Overload

Editor’s Note: Ami Ben David is the CEO and co-founder of TL;DR Email, a simpler, faster email client for iPhone and Apple Watch. Every time I think our way of life couldn’t change any faster, reality proves me wrong. Compare our lives today to just five years ago, and […] .

Big Harvest — How Big Data Improves Our Daily Lives

As the amount of digital information being produced expands exponentially, innovative Big Data analytical tools are finding new ways to put it to good use. We are producing data at an ever-increasing rate. But what good is all this information if we don’t know how to analyze it and […] .

Meet the startup that wants to create the first game to get FDA-approved to treat ADHD

There are many reasons to love video games: They’re wonderful resources for fantasy, fun, social engagement (mostly) and an overall great way to let loose. But video games can do more than just provide hours of entertainment. Akili , a California-based startup, is hoping to create the first therapeutic […] .

Google: Here’s what we did wrong with Google Glass

Astro Teller, the head of Google X, explains to a crowd at SXSW Interactive 2015 what Google did wrong with Google Glass. AUSTIN, Texas — As everybody knows, Google made some mistakes with Google Glass . Now the man who led the project has come out and said exactly […] .

How one teenage girl is using film to fight child sex trafficking

Rebecca Dharmapalan’s parents always called her a rebel without a cause. Growing up in Oakland, California — the birthplace of the Black Panther Movement, parts of the Free Speech and Disability Rights Movements, and more recent movements like Occupy Oakland — she was constantly surrounded by an activist culture, […] .

11 questions hiring managers never want to hear

What have you heard a great candidate ask during an interview that loses them the job? Answer below by Erin Berkery-Rovner , career advisor and former recruiter. I’ve heard variations of bad questions in so many industries, so I’ve put them into a few categories. The “I actually don’t […] .

New Twitter tool makes it slightly easier to report threats to police

Twitter’s new harassment-reporting tool is making it easier for users to report threatening tweets to the police. Sort of. Users who report threatening tweets now have the option of receiving an emailed report, summarizing the tweet, when it was sent and other information that may be relevant to law […] .

Not so fast: Internet Explorer isn’t dead just yet

Microsoft’s beleaguered web browser gets its fair share of critique from frustrated users, but it seems just as many Windows users love the browser, including actress Zooey Deschanel. Upon hearing news that the browser may be shelved in favor of the as yet unnamed Windows 10 browser, currently codenamed […] .

Anything Boys Can Rank, Girls Can Rank Better: Why Women Should Consider a Career in SEO or SEM

March 16, 2015 Pam Aungst Any technical industry is bound to be at least somewhat male-dominated. Our society has unfortunately not yet fully embraced the fact that men and women can be equally talented when it comes to technical careers. SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing, […] .

How to Discover Analytics With the Google+ Dashboard

Tweet Do you know how your Google+ business page is performing? Are you using Google+ My Business analytics? The Google+ Dashboard has greatly improved the analytics it offers for its platform. In this article you’ll discover the Google+ Dashboard and the analytics included in each option . Discover how […] .

Beagli: Finding value in your personal data

By Raluca Crisan ( Beagli ). Enterprises value data highly; its benefits include improved marketing, smoother operations, and even selling this data to third parties. Data can also be a valuable asset to the consumer, but the barriers individuals face in extracting this value are high – data is […] .

The Internet of People: 4 key principles for analyzing personal data

Recently, The Insight Centre for Data Analytics (an Irish research initiative) announced its intentions to establish a “ Magna Carta for Data Ethics ” that attempts to balance the privacy worries of the masses with the interests of big business. “Existing ideas of ownership and privacy are not relevant […] .

How B2B Businesses Are Tackling Social Media in 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC]

March 05, 2015 Keith Tully It’s getting increasingly difficult to compete if you are a B2B business. As a B2B business, you cannot take your target customers for granted. You must remember they have a vast array of options to choose from and your business is not the only […] .

Does Social Media Really Influence Consumer Behavior? [INFOGRAPHIC]

March 04, 2015 David Hall A recent survey by  Eccolo Media , a San Francisco-based content marketing outfit, provides some insight into just how influential social media may be when it comes to technology purchases. Some of the results suggest that social media may not be as dominant as […] .

Trio sparks creativity with easy multimedia collages

Mashups. That’s what the kids are into these days, and a brand new app called Trio is making the process of creating them swift and dead simple. Mashups — compiling different multimedia elements into a single overarching message — sounds cool but it is not the easiest thing to […] .

The staggering reach of ISIS: Report reveals it has more than 46,000 Twitter accounts

In this June 16, 2014 file photo, demonstrators chant pro-Islamic State group, slogans as they carry the group’s flags in front of the provincial government headquarters in Mosul, 225 miles (360 kilometers) northwest of Baghdad. A new report documenting the scale of the social media strategy of Islamic State […] .

Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2015 [Infographic]

What does this year hold for technology? Here’s a look the top technology trends for 2015 and predictions of where digital business will be in the next five years. Are you prepared? The top trends for 2015 include the Internet of Things; 3-D printing; advanced, pervasive, and invisible analytics; […] .

Why February 26th Will Go Down in Social Media Internet History

February 28, 2015 Lindsey Havansek What started off as a normal Thursday quickly spiraled into one of the oddest days on social media that I’ve ever seen. Two separate events rocked Twitter and suddenly took off to become featured stories on national news channels and top business publications. What […] .

6 Ways Financial Brands Can Use Social Media Effectively

February 16, 2015 Marcus Taylor With over 1/6th of the planet’s population connected to social media sites, it’s unsurprising that businesses across all sectors are keen use these platforms to engage with potential customers. Over the past few months, I’ve been doing a lot of research on how brands in the […] .

Facebook Sees Dead People, and Begins to Help, But is it Enough?

February 17, 2015 Mike Johansson Facebook has announced what it calls Legacy Contacts – people who can manage your Facebook after you die Three cheers for Facebook for beginning to address the issue of death and our online presences.  This week Facebook announced it will begin allowing you to […] .

What Content Marketers Can Learn from Dating [INFOGRAPHIC]

February 17, 2015 Jeremy Taylor Content marketing is often compared to dating. You wouldn’t say  “will you marry me”  after just one date, so you probably shouldn’t say  “buy my stuff”  as soon as someone lands on your website or follows you on Twitter. The question is how can […] .

Future of Research – Why Academic Publishing Needs to Become More Social

The digital revolution has upended the media and publishing industries in recent years with its ability to give more content producers more platforms on which to be heard, and audiences a near constant stream of (mostly free) news and opinions to consume. Yet despite this shift, the process of […] .

Context Has Awakened Mobile as an Active Shopping Agent

The ‘Mobile Commerce Playbook’ is a 12-week series from PSFK and  Braintree exploring the key trends that are defining the future of mobile commerce. Be sure to check back often for more great articles here and on Braintree’s site , and don’t forget to download the full Mobile Commerce […] .

Two great examples of how journalism has changed for the better

Are we living in a golden age for journalism, or is it the Dark Ages? There’s nothing that gets a group of media types going like that question , which is kind of an updated version of a perennial favorite: “Are bloggers journalists?” Obviously, the kind of upheaval that […] .

Beijing Transit to Get Commuter Card Wearables

Travel Tweet Share The wrist-worn smart cards will be accepted for travel, shopping, and more For Beijing commuters, the days of fumbling for their transit passes may be behind them. Starting soon, the city’s municipal authorities plan to offer smart cards with wireless capabilities, and all in the form […] .

Fairytale-Like Bookstore Provides Enchanting Social Space in Historic Bank

Retail Tweet Share Carturesti Carousel holds over 10,000 volumes and your undivided attention Even as bookstores struggle to make ends meet financially, they enjoy broad social support from their neighbors, who see them as adding to the character of neighborhoods and providing an opportunity for conspicuous local consumption. Having […] .

The mission of MIT Technology Review is to equip its audiences with the intelligence to understand a world shaped by technology.

Project Loon Billions of people could get online for the first time thanks to helium balloons that Google will soon send over many places cell towers don’t reach. Availability: 1-2 years Breakthrough A reliable and cost-effective way to beam Internet service from the sky to places lacking it. Why […] .

On 10 Breakthrough Technologies

Jason Pontin Every year, MIT Technology Review selects the 10 technologies we believe are the greatest breakthroughs of previous months, those that in the future will have the broadest impact on commerce, medicine, and society. The challenge and fascination of editing our publication (and therefore of creating this list) […] .

Who needs a website? Media companies ponder becoming content providers for Facebook

Image: Mashable composite. Laughing Stock/Corbis Go to where the audience is — that’s the common refrain of 21st century media. Consumers are fragmented, and its up to journalists and editors to bring the news to them. Video startup NowThis News announced last week that it would take that this […] .

How tech can fight extremism

Obama: Cyber threats challenge the nation’s security 02:01 Quintan Wiktorowicz served as President Obama’s senior adviser for countering violent extremism from 2011-2013 and is managing partner of Affinis Global , a strategy and communications consulting firm. Shahed Amanullah is an entrepreneur from Silicon Valley and principal at Affinis Global. […] .

The Impact of Dark Social in Travel Marketing

In this digital era, what would you say is the estimated percentage of word of mouth taking place online? As shocking as this may sound, recent research conducted by Ed Keller and Brad Fay shows this number is actually only… 7%! In other words, most of the sharing still […] .

Reactive, Assumptive and Behavioral Modeling: Marketing’s Quest for Humanized Content

February 16, 2015 Quin Woodward Pu Are you marketing like a robot? Marketing has come a long way. While automation was once considered the “bleeding edge” of marketing technologies, the industry has caught up and most SaaS companies provide at least some level of automation. Right now, marketing can […] .

Is Your Consulting Firm Top of Mind?

February 17, 2015 Hinge Marketing If you answered no, your very next question should be, “Why not?” Your brand is how prospects learn to know and trust your firm. And if your firm isn’t top of mind for prospects, it’s most likely due to a lack of brand strength […] .

How to Make Sure Your Brand Is Tracking the Right Data on Social Media

February 17, 2015 Sofie De Beule Social media can easily distract you from the things that matter. Due to the large volume of incoming messages, brands fail to take the right actions when it comes to handling online complaints. Beyond tracking information about brands, how can they make sure […] .

Yik Yak’s growth flatlined after funding, but why?

Yik Yak, the app t hat’s becoming a social media staple on college campuses  in the U.S., saw its downloads dip and flatline right around the time it announced  its $62 million Sequoia funding round in December. It’s still early days for the young company, so what’s happening? I pulled the stats from app analytics […] .

The viral content problem: Many people don’t care whether it’s true

Craig Silverman, the author of a book about journalism and fact-checking called Regret The Error and a column by the same name at the Poynter Institute, has come out with a major report on the problem of online hoaxes and misinformation, a study he did for the Tow Center […] .

Making Advanced Analytics Work for You

View more from the Artwork: Tamar Cohen, The Big Quick, 2010, silk screen collage on vintage book pages, 40″ x 50″ Big data and analytics have rocketed to the top of the corporate agenda. Executives look with admiration at how Google, Amazon, and others have eclipsed competitors with powerful […] .

Six Drivers Of The $700B Mobile Internet

Editor’s note: Tim Merel is the managing director of Digi-Capital. Mobile internet is all about big numbers. Revenue will more than triple to $700 billion by 2017, there was over $19 billion invested and $94 billion exits in the last 12 months, average sector returns were up to 15.6x […] .

The ‘Serial’ problem and why you probably can’t trust your own memory

Six weeks ago I arrived back in London after my first trip to Australia. It felt considerably colder than the 34 degrees we’d left behind in Sydney, but the skies were clear and blue. Or were they? My partner said no, it had been pouring with rain. I had […] .

The Sectors Where the Internet of Things Really Matters

The Internet of Things is emerging as the third wave in the development of the internet. While the fixed internet that grew up in the 1990s connected 1 billion users via PCs, and the mobile internet of the 2000s connected 2 billion users via smartphones (on its way […] .

Big Data is Transforming Sports

Big Data also has an eye on the game. Credit: intelfreepress, CC BY-SA This article was originally published on The Conversation . The publication contributed this article to Live Science’s Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights . In sport we don’t just want to know who won. We now want […] .

This comic book perfectly explains big data and the threat it poses to our privacy rights

Ten years ago, California State Senator Liz Figueroa raised concerns over a definitely-not-evil company called Google that had been tracking keywords through its Gmail service, servicing ads to Gmail users and non-users alike based on that data. Her worry was less over the marketing tactics, and more over the possibility that Google would keep […] .

Home Automation Gadgets Are Leading Explosive Growth In The Consumer 'Internet Of Things' Market

Homes around the world are going to become smarter and more connected over the next five years.  Overall, a fair number of mainstream consumers still don’t fully understand what connected-home devices are and how they work. However, adoption and awareness is still high for such a new category. We […] .

Eric Schmidt: Every 2 Days We Create As Much Information As We Did Up To 2003

Today at the Techonomy conference in Lake Tahoe, CA, the first panel featured Google CEO Eric Schmidt . As moderator David Kirkpatrick was introducing him, he rattled off a massive stat. Every two days now we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up […] .

Technology set journalism free, now new platforms are in control

Emily Bell, the former Guardian digital editor who now runs the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University, gave a speech recently at the Reuters Institute in the UK about the crossroads at which journalism finds itself today. It’s a place where media and journalism — and in […] .

How data scientists are changing the face of business intelligence

How data scientists are changing the face of business intelligence Nick Cicero 9 hours ago  Follow Humans are walking data centers and our interactions and behaviors, no matter how minuscule, are building a near infinite pool of aggregate data over the course of our lifetime. This data can be […] .

America’s richest generation got really, really lucky

A tourist on a nature trail in Lakeland Countryside at Easedale Tarn Lake in the Lake District National Park, Cumbria, UK. Jon Burkhart was born during the Great Depression, and like many members of his generation, he couldn’t have been luckier. For most of their working lives, he and […] .

10 things you may not know about ‘Serial’

Sarah Koenig and Dana Chivvis in the studio. There will not be a new episode of the wildly popular investigative podcast Serial released on Thanksgiving. Trust us, we know how you feel. Most listeners impatiently await the weekly release of investigative podcast surrounding the 1999 murder of Hae Min […] .

Why is the average pop song only 3 minutes long?

“Official” pop star Taylor Swift. There’s a famous Billy Joel song called “The Entertainer.” In it, the piano man warbles about the perils of the music industry, and having to limit himself to writing radio-friendly tracks. “It was a beautiful song/But it ran too long/If you’re gonna have a […] .

Egyptian Cyber Army: The hacker group attacking ISIS propaganda online

There’s a new hacking group in cyberspace, and it’s going after the Islamic State ‘s online propaganda. Last week, less than 24 hours after ISIS social media accounts posted a threatening message from the group’s leader, the audio recording was replaced with a song and its transcript with a […] .

Dazed and confused, the music industry still hasn’t found what it’s looking for

Taylor Swift removed all of her music from Spotify days after releasing her fifth album, “1989.” “Everything new, like Spotify, all feels to me a bit like a grand experiment,” she said. “And I’m not willing to contribute my life’s work to an experiment that I don’t feel fairly […] .

5 mistakes we all make with product feedback

Des Traynor 5 hours ago  Follow Des Traynor is the co-founder of Intercom , the easiest way for Web and mobile businesses to understand and communicate with their customers. This post originally appeared on InsideIntercom .   It rarely makes sense to take feedback from all users and it never […] .

Facebook censorship has increased 19% in the past 6 months

Now more than ever, governments around the world are eager to get their hands on data about Facebook users — and now more than ever, they want to remove content disappear from the social network. Global surveillance requests for Facebook user data in the first half of 2014 increased […] .

Innovation in Tech, Media Arts Takes Center Stage in Made In NY Event

The new NYC media arts hub celebrated its first year with a large and diverse community of creators Last week, up-and-coming and established figures in mixed-media genres came together to celebrate their New York community. Part-pitch panel, part-marketplace, and part-party, the event showcased a long list of achievements already […] .

How to Check Social Media Privacy Settings

Find out where to check and adjust your privacy settings on top social media networks. Make universal changes to your default privacy settings. Decide if you want to make your Facebook posts public, just shared with friends or customized. Review all sections of your profile and adjust who (public, […] .

Facebook content lessons from nonprofits

After working with dozens of nonprofit organizations to help them strategize and improve the overall performance of their Facebook efforts, I’ve come to understand what successful pages have in common: Content that not only helps their target audience tell their story through engagement, but also adds real value to […] .

Nextdoor’s treat map shows you where to find candy on Halloween

Trick-or-treating may be the best part of Halloween — but not all neighborhoods are equal when it comes to candy distribution. That’s why Nextdoor , a social network aimed at connecting neighborhoods, rolled out new mapping features to help users plan the best trick-or-treating routes. See also: The unofficial […] .

Media Brands Don’t Need to Fear the News Feed

To quote from the NYT piece : “About 30 percent of adults in the United States get their news on Facebook, according to a study from the Pew Research Center. The fortunes of a news site, in short, can rise or fall depending on how it performs in Facebook’s New­s Feed.” So, […] .

Twitch bans nude, suggestive gaming

By Doug Gross , CNN Twitch, on which users broadcast images of themselves playing video games, was purchased by Yahoo in August. (CNN) — Looks like it’s a bad time to be sexing up your publicly viewable video gaming. With debate swirling over treatment of women in gaming, Twitch, […] .

How Maker-Friendly Tools Are Embedding Internet Connectivity into Everyday Objects

Maker tools are simplifying coding languages or creating ‘good enough’ shortcuts helping creators improve the features and functionality of their products to widen their appeal. Some condiments really make everything taste better. Pink Himalayan salt. Chocolate sprinkles. Or, say, ketchup . And as we careen ever further into the […] .

If you don’t like algorithmic filters, you’re probably not going to like the future of Twitter

A A Permalink to If you don’t like algorithmic filters, you’re probably not going to like the future of Twitter Summary: Twitter appears to be set to move forward with its plans to algorithmically filter or re-order your timeline — for your own good, of course — despite a […] .

UK suicide-prevention charity Samaritans checks Twitter timelines for worrying posts

A A Permalink to UK suicide-prevention charity Samaritans checks Twitter timelines for worrying posts Summary: The charity has launched a service called Samaritans Radar, which helps and encourages Twitter users to support potentially depressed contacts. The Samaritans, a charity devoted to preventing suicides, has launched a service that plugs […] .

Science on the Course: The Physics of Golf

Golf can be a lot of fun. It’s a really great feeling for a very amateur golfer such as myself to hit the ball in a straight line over 100 yards. It’s like, “Yeah, I hit that ball.” But it can also be frustrating and confusing: “Why did the […] .

How to increase your ROI by exploiting the competition

How to increase your ROI by exploiting the competition Tomer Granit 10 hours ago Tomer Granit is Marketing Manager at AdClarity , a leading marketing intelligence & research platform. It’s certainly a bit taboo to be encouraging exploitation, but wait before you judge: we’re not encouraging using dirty practices […] .

40% of Web users have been harassed, says survey

(CNN) — For the past 25 years, the Web has opened up unprecedented possibilities for human communication. But it has a dark side too — sometimes, a very dark one. Four out of 10 of Web users have been harassed online, according to a survey released Wednesday by the […] .

Hands on: Google’s Inbox helps to organize your email life with bundles and more

Hands on: Google’s Inbox helps to organize your email life with bundles and more Jackie Dove 3 hours ago  Follow In the never-ending quest to take control of email, many have tried — but few have succeeded — in automatically separating out the critical from the negligible. Part of […] .

‘Karen’ is a Virtual Woman That Will Psychologically Profile You

An app is in development that will come to get to know you through questions and taking data from your phone The 2013 Academy Award-nominated film Her dealt with virtual voice companions who interacted with humans through their personal cell phones and devices. Providing advice and companionship for the […] .

The Science of Social Customer Care

The preliminary data is in for Socially Devoted Q3 and, for the first time, more than 3,000,000 questions were put to brands on Twitter. Clearly, the demand is there, and brands have an exceptional opportunity to engage their fans on social. The number of closed walls demonstrates that too few […] .

These Brands are Great Storytellers and Excel at Social Customer Care

Achieving Socially Devoted or Smart Storyteller status is tough, and for good reason. It’s extremely difficult to excel at both customer care and producing top-notch, engaging content, frequently. The recently-launched Smart Storytellers benchmark measures content performance by industry and page size that perform in the top 25% against the competition; […] .

How One Business Increased Facebook Fans by 200 Percent

Do you want to grow your Facebook audience? Have you thought about using giveaways to educate your customers? Great Lakes, a student loan service, used a Facebook giveaway to educate borrowers and open the lines of communication on a topic they suspected was confusing for their customers. In this […] .

How to Use Google+ Hashtags for More Exposure

Do you want to reach more people on Google+? Are you using Google+ hashtags? Google+ hashtags make it easier for people to discover your content, even if they’re outside your circles. That added visibility gives you greater overall reach. In this article you’ll discover how to find hashtags to […] .

Is Facebook horning in on the anonymous app wave?

By Doug Gross , CNN Facebook, a network built around users’ real identities, may be building an anonymous app. (CNN) — As the reigning champion of social media, Facebook has adopted a fairly consistent strategy in dealing with upstart competitors: If you can’t buy ’em, copy ’em. And it […] .

3 radical habits of highly successful remote teams

8 hours ago This post originally appeared on the iDoneThis blog . Working remotely requires a totally different approach from how we’ve come to define our workday. We’re so used to the commutes, having to deal with our cubicle neighbor, the water cooler chats, and shuffling in and out of […] .

Learning to listen: 6 huge benefits of paying attention to your community

Learning to listen: 6 huge benefits of paying attention to your community It often takes an outsider’s perspective to learn about new opportunities, whether they take the form of flaws, bugs, or unique use cases. The most valuable opportunities often come from customers themselves — the people who are […] .

SMTPowerTalk: Personas and Personality in Social Media Marketing

SMTPowerTalk: Personas and Personality in Social Media Marketing We all work in the relationship economy. People connect with people rather than businesses or brands. Do personas still work in social media marketing? Do they work in marketing, even? To discuss all this with me in the eighth #SMTPowerTalk were […] .

How Brands Are Winning With Vine Videos: 10 Examples

Do you use Vine as part of your Twitter marketing? Have you seen how other companies are using it? Twitter originally introduced Vine to encourage creativity among users, but marketing teams quickly saw the value. In this article I’ll show you 10 fun ways companies are using Vine in […] .

8 Ways the #IceBucketChallenge Has Changed Social Media Marketing Forever

8 Ways the #IceBucketChallenge Has Changed Social Media Marketing Forever It started out small, a challenge between friends to raise awareness and funds on behalf of someone they knew who was suffering with ALS. It became the viral fundraising event of the summer, raising over $100 million in one […] .

Many users are outraged at the idea that Twitter might use an algorithm to filter their feeds

Summary: The suggestion that Twitter might apply Facebook-style algorithmic filtering to its timelines — something executives have said they are considering — seemed to strike many users as the worst thing that could happen to the service A post we published at Gigaom on Thursday morning seems to have […] .

Infographic: How social is affecting back-to-school shopping

Crowdtap Back to School Shopping Infographic Back-to-school shopping is back — spending will reach $74.9 billion this year, according to National Retail Federation estimates, making back-to-school the second biggest consumer spending season of the year, other than the winter holidays. The NRF also reports that consumers are planning to […] .

Disrupt Your Planning: It’s Time We Ditched Lazy Profiling [INFOGRAPHIC]

Disrupt Your Planning: It’s Time We Ditched Lazy Profiling [INFOGRAPHIC] I have never been a fan of demographic profiling. Sure, this information, at scale, can reveal certain things about a population – and this can be useful to understand whether there might be a connection between our age and […] .

The Infusion of Brand Marketing and Big Data Analytics

The Infusion of Brand Marketing and Big Data Analytics Branding is a representation of the market identity of a company. It is a tool by which a company is able to build their own identity, to communicate what their products are, the quality of their services and the projection […] .

Cause Related Marketing on Facebook: 3 Companies Doing Back to School Right

Cause Related Marketing on Facebook: 3 Companies Doing Back to School Right Back to School is usually a time for brands to throw big sales and capitalize on the fact that moms and dads are rushing to the store to stock up on supplies for their kids. So, it […] .

Adidas Neo Label Hosts World’s First Tweet-Powered Fashion Show

Adidas Neo Label Hosts World’s First Tweet-Powered Fashion Show If it wasn’t for the screaming teens running after Selena Gomez in her Cadillac, down 11th avenue in New York City, you wouldn’t have know that an Adidas fashion show was taking place. It was a scramble, boys and girls […] .

Uncertainty: Technology’s Secret Weapon in Encouraging Us to Explore

Uncertainty: Technology’s Secret Weapon in Encouraging Us to Explore Uncertainty is a healthy state that encourages liberalism, toleration and fairness by inviting us to explore and ask questions, argues philosopher Luciano Floridi There are many things in life that we value, but uncertainty is not one of them. At […] .

Why Brands Can’t Fake Social Customer Service

Socialbakers > Blog > Socially Devoted > Why Brands Can’t Fake Social Customer… Why Brands Can’t Fake Social Customer Service image Social Customer Service is all about making fans feel secure and connected to your brand. By answering their questions quickly, in a considered and thorough way, brands can […] .

These six organizations secretly run the Internet

Who Runs The Internet Who runs the Internet? Is it Google , the global search leader that trades fantastic free services for borderline frightening insights into user behavior? Is it Apple , whose iPhones and iPads are reportedly used to connect people to the Internet more than any other […] .

How to disappear online

How To Delete Online Accounts President Obama is getting ready to announce some major changes to the NSA and the various spying programs  we have learned so much about in recent months thanks to a series of leaks from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, but the damage has already […] .

YouTube Videos: What’s not to like?

YouTube Videos: What’s not to like? image In addition to the displayed number of views, YouTube has a unique rating system that allows users to show whether they Like or Dislike a video, created in order to level the playing field and distribute content. Before March 2010, a 1–5 […] .

Harnessing Mobile Users: The Power of Big Data in Social Apps

Harnessing Mobile Users: The Power of Big Data in Social Apps The mobile application space has exploded in recent years. This exponential growth is a result of increased demand for mobile applications that serve any need from ordering a pizza to sending sepia-soaked selfies to friends. With demand has […] .

Influence: Be the First to Give [INFOGRAPHIC]

Influence: Be the First to Give [INFOGRAPHIC] In the digital world we are fascinated by influence. We want to know who has influence and we want to know who is influenced by whom. We strive for influence in our personal and professional lives and we reject the overt nature […] .

10 Reasons to Combine Search and Social

10 Reasons to Combine Search and Social The combination of search and social is one which cannot be ignored and must be embraced by all. Search engines have changed the way they rank your business because of the integration of social media signals when looking at search algorithms. Around […] .

Social Advocacy and Politics: News Without Filters

Social Advocacy and Politics: News Without Filters Social media coverage of the unfolding events in Ferguson, MO continues to shine a light on real-time, unfiltered news reporting from both professional and citizen journalists. There was a time when the defenders of professional journalism would denigrate the citizen journalist as […] .

The 9 Crucial Sales Skills All Social Sellers Should Master

The 9 Crucial Sales Skills All Social Sellers Should Master All of them. That’s how many of these sales skills you should master if you want to be a social selling superstar. It takes a well-rounded salesperson to consistently find the right prospects and navigate all of the involved […] .

Twitter reviewing policies after Robin Williams’ daughter harassed

By Doug Gross , CNN Zelda Williams, the daughter of Robin Williams, closed her social media accounts after receiving abusive messages. Zelda Williams, the daughter of Robin Williams, closed her social media accounts after receiving abusive messages. (CNN) — Twitter is looking to revamp its user-protection policies after Zelda […] .

9 Social Media Leaders Reveal Brands’ Biggest Social Media Content Mistakes

9 Social Media Leaders Reveal Brands’ Biggest Social Media Content Mistakes It’s no secret, content is king, and brands produce mountains of social media content to feed their marketing campaigns. What’s a secret is that many brands fail, even with huge budgets and ostensibly the best social media marketers […] .

Socially Stephanie: Tools, Apps and Hacks for Traveling

Socially Stephanie: Tools, Apps and Hacks for Traveling Dear Socially Stephanie: I’m going on vacation soon. I want to stay connected with my family and friends at home, while also using social media tools to connect with locals in the different cities I’m headed to. Do you have any […] .

Security Threats Businesses Face on Social Media

Security Threats Businesses Face on Social Media Social media has transformed the way businesses interact with customers. All at once it gives companies a new way to reach out to their fans while also giving the company a more personal touch. But as always seems to be the case, […] .

Good Reviews Drive Business: Are Your Customers Writing Them?

Good Reviews Drive Business: Are Your Customers Writing Them? I had breakfast the other day with my brother-in-law, a dentist who has been working for the same practice in San Diego for some 20 years. The practice spends a fair amount on online advertising, he told me. “But you […] .

Computational Linguistics of Twitter Reveals the Existence of Global Superdialects

A dialect is a particular form of language limited to a specific region or social group. Linguists are fascinated by dialects because they reveal social classes, patterns of immigration and how groups have influenced each other in the past. But studying dialects is hard work. Traditionally, linguists do this […] .

Your Instagram Account Is Vulnerable

Your Instagram Account Is Vulnerable A hacker program named Instasheep has been released, and it threatens the vulnerabiltiy of the Instagram account that you’ve been building for your business. The security flaw that this program exploits is not new and has been known to Facebook, the company which purchased […] .

A Russian hacking group has reportedly collected 1.2 billion usernames and passwords

The New York Times has a doozy of a security report today detailing what’s believed to be the largest collection of Internet identity theft. Based on research from security firm Hold Security , a Russian gang has compromised 420,000 websites in order to collect roughly 540 million unique email […] .

Satisfied Customers Promote Brands on Facebook More Than Any Other Social Network

Satisfied Customers Promote Brands on Facebook More Than Any Other Social Network In Q1, eMarketer predicted that global B2C eCommerce sales will reach $1.5 trillion by the end of 2014 (a 20.1% increase over last year) due in part to the growth of Internet availability and a mobile use […] .

Twitter Has A Massive Diversity Problem, And These Two Charts Prove It

Twitter disclosed the diversity numbers for its global and U.S. employees Wednesday, following in the footsteps of Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and LinkedIn. Like these companies, Twitter is comprised of a workforce that’s primarily white and male, especially when it comes to tech-related positions. At Twitter, 70% of employees are […] .

This Is Where Facebook's Billions Come From

Facebook just reported its second quarter earnings with revenue of $2.91 billion — the strongest quarter yet. Mobile advertising revenue makes up 62% of Facebook’s total revenue. That’s up from 0 when Facebook went public two years ago. The rest of Facebook’s revenue comes from desktop advertising, payments and […] .

Why Facebook Is Not For Me

Carly Steyer Headshot First things first, I just want to say: I am not anti-Facebook. I have nothing against those who do choose to have an account (and it would be a real problem if I did, because that includes virtually all of my friends and family members). There […] .

A Vision of the Future From Those Likely to Invent It

A Vision of the Future From Those Likely to Invent It From employment to leisure and transportation to education, tech is changing the world at a faster pace than ever before. Already, people wear computers on their faces, robots scurry through factories and battlefields and driverless cars dot the […] .

Sports and Social Media: The Perfect Team #SocialMedia

70% of sports fans take to Facebook after games. See how the worlds of sports and social media intersect. .

EU funds 3D-printed 'smoothfood' for care homes

The European Union is funding a project to develop 3D-printed “smoothfood” for people in care homes who suffer from problems related to mastication and swallowing. The project, called PERFORMANCE , is hoping to build on the success of German company Biozoon, which first created the smoothfood concept in 2010 […] .

18 Ways English Differs From Whatever The Hell Language It Is We Text In

The English language is famously adaptable. In just the past few years, the Oxford Dictionaries have added such words and phrases as “vacay,” “refollow,” “death stare,” “geek chic,” “lulz,” “tweeps” and “facepalm.” That’s impressive. But it’s really nothing when compared to what’s happening on smartphones all across America. There, […] .

Her Likes Don’t Lie: Shakira Is First to 100 Million Fans on Facebook

International sensation Shakira celebrates her life’s milestones like many of us — by posting a status update or photo on Facebook for all to see. The “Hips Don’t Lie” singer announced her pregnancy in a status update in 2012 and shared the first image of the baby via a […] .

Must Reads: The Cyberbully Upstairs, Tweeting in Terror and More

During the week, we consume words in snackable, tweetable bites. But on the weekends, we have the time to take a dive into the murkier, lengthier depths of the Internet and expand our attention spans beyond 140 characters. We can brew a cup of coffee and lie back with […] .

Socially Stephanie : The Social Media Content Funnel

Socially Stephanie : The Social Media Content Funnel Dear Socially Stephanie: I understand that social media isn’t a quick fix. But what does the social media funnel look like, and how do I make it work for me? Confused in Concord Dear Confused, It’s great to hear from you. […] .

Why Marketers Love Big Data & Hadoop

Why Marketers Love Big Data & Hadoop In the past advertising and marketing was pretty straight forward. Girls like pink and boys like blue. Women belonged in an apron and men in the garage. Furthermore, the power was in the hands of businesses rather than those of the consumers. […] .

The Disconnect in Connecting the Workplace

There’s a lot of talk about the future of work… Technology is indeed connecting us in ways that improve communication, discovery and connectivity. The world is becoming a much smaller place as a result. Chances are that you are connected in one network or another to people in at […] .

▶ The Internet of Things: a short video

gerd futurist IoT vs m2m vs IoP via ▶ The Internet of Things. Futurist Speaker Gerd Leonhard at FutureDay 2014 (excerpt) – YouTube . This post has been read 55 times! .

Online Landscape Requires a Business Competitive Advantage [INFOGRAPHIC]

Within the past ten years the growth and popularity of online marketing has made even the most old-fashion of brands recognize the need to capitalize on online marketing efforts.  With 80% of business communications occurring online it’s no wonder that 47% of Americans claim that Facebook marketing campaigns can […] .

Who Are The Trendsetters Driving The Future Of Video?

Who Are The Trendsetters Driving The Future Of Video? The rate at which new online social platforms for sharing pictures and video are being developed has accelerated dramatically over the past few years. Whether one wants to share with their friends where they have been, what they have been […] .

Scientists discover massive ocean of water 400 miles underground

Researchers at Northwestern University have found evidence for a massive reservoir of water deep within the Earth’s mantle. The reservoir, which is said to be three times the volume of the oceans on the surface, is contained within highly-pressurized rock known as ringwoodite. The scientists hope that their findings,  […] .

Online Reputation Risks: Monitoring Isn’t Enough!

At the time of writing, most companies and institutions are aware of the Online reputation risks damage that negative online conversations can do to their reputation and, as a result, to their operations and bottom line. In response, many have put in place some kind of monitoring system to […] .

6 Myths About Social Sharing

Consider everything you thought you knew about social sharing. Now, forget it. The trends you thought you knew have evolved and are not the same as they used to be. Time to hit refresh on your social marketing strategy and optimize your customer engagement by sharing the right content […] .

The Biggest Mistake Twitter Ever Made And Still Pays For To This Day

Over the years, I’ve loved and watched Twitter’s growth. Twitter has been through its ups and downs. While in the lowest bottoms of its stock price, a new exodus of top executives, like its recent COO “leaving” the company is fueling the debate of Twitter struggling to grow users […] .

7 Reasons You Should Unplug This Summer

7 Reasons You Should Unplug This Summer Image: Mashable Between smartphones , laptops , tablets and apps , technology influences almost every aspect of our lives. We live in a world where we forget an off switch exists. We get anxious when we leave our personal devices at home, […] .

How Apple Got Its Groove Back

More than a week after Apple’s WWDC keynote, I’m still trying to wrap my brain around everything that was announced. I went into San Francisco’s Moscone Center West expecting to see the Cupertino company unveil iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 Yosemite , a few new features, maybe some […] .

Secrets of Great Communities and Community Managers

honeypot attracting social media community members Last week I delivered a presentation “Secrets of Great Communities and Community Mangers” at the KAConnect conference.  It was a wonderful, inspiring event for knowledge management professionals in the Architecture & Engineering (an $11B industry). Given the focus of their practice, this industry […] .

5 Regrettable Social Media Faux Pas

Social media dominates the time people spend online, and a vast majority of companies now have some type of social presence.  Unfortunately, social success remains elusive for many; common social media faux pas  are largely to blame.  Social media as a marketing channel is a force to be reckoned with that […] .

How Big Brands Keep Their Social Media Audiences Engaged

Looking for ideas to spark conversation with your fans? Want them to pay attention to your updates? Big brands know how to engage people on a regular basis. In this article I’ll show you five ways nationally known companies keep their audiences coming back for more and how you […] .

Why Private Online Communities Are the “New Black”

You have a website , you have a blog , you use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, WhatsApp, FourSquare, Klout, and so on . How much time and resources do you allocate to maintaining ALL those platforms? Why are we sending our communities on social media treasure hunts to […] .

How MasterCard Generates ROI Through Social Media

I produce an event called the  Westchester Digital Summit . This year we were named by Forbes as one of the  “Must-Attend Marketing Conferences For Leaders in 2014. ” Each year we curate the brightest minds in tech, media, and entertainment. This year’s event, held on May 15th, lived up […] .

Report: NSA Collects Millions of Images Each Day for Facial Recognition

Written and audio messages aren’t the only forms of communication the government appears to be gobbling up. The National Security Agency is collecting “huge numbers” of photos from emails, text messages, social media, videoconferences and other forms of communication for facial recognition purposes, according to classified documents obtained by […] .

Social CRM: What It Is and Why It Is Important for Business

There is a shift occurring in the way that business is being conducted.  The traditional forms of marketing and sales are slowly being phased out for an increasingly social and interactive approach.  New business models have formed from this rapidly evolving sales environment and it is important for businesses […] .

Top Ten #GoogleGlass Myths Explained

Recently I have been using my Google Glasses for everything from traveling with Glass to keeping updated on the top news stories through my Glassware and without a doubt I am finding them invaluable. As with all new technology, there’s a lot of good and bad speculation about what […] .

The Problem With Social Networks and Teenagers: Networks Don’t Grow With Their Users

Andrew Halls of King’s College Wimbledon recently declared that social media drives teenagers to become ” the hopelessly inadequate stars of their own second-rate biopics. ”   This comment might sound harsh for some social media enthusiasts, and many reactions from the digital elite tend to deny that the […] .

Social Listening: Who’s Got The (Turkey) Bacon?

You know it’s got to be bikini season when the social convo heats up about dieting. But, admittedly, this vegan is the last to have surmised that “turkey bacon” would be a hot trending topic during the annual battle of the bulge seasonal ritual.   If you’ve ever “listened” […] .

Strong Arm Tactics to Monetize Facebook: What Zuckerberg Doesn’t Want You to Know

In a move evocative of the grand Hollywood depiction of organized crime, it seems Facebook is trying to monetize Pages and Groups. Or is the resemblence just a coincidence? The blogosphere has been buzzing for a while now, the force and ferocity of the conversation is gaining momentum. Many […] .

Your Brand Strategy is Only as Good as Your Social Data

A lot more goes into developing a targeted brand strategy these days than a couple brilliant ad guys brainstorming in a room based on their personal opinions of the brand. In fact, if I may devolve into a quick mention of Sunday night’s half-season finale of  Mad Men , […] .

Mobile Malware Hits Two Million as Threats Mature

Trend Micro warns PC-based malware techniques are bleeding over into the mobile world. These include the use of Tor to hide C&C servers and exploitation of vulnerabilities in legitimate apps. The volume of mobile malware and high-risk apps soared to over two million in the first quarter of 2014, […] .

Social Listening: What Was Trending on Mother’s Day?

On Mother’s Day, brand culture is on full display in social media. Here are a few of the brand personalities I discovered through their social engagement. The favorite Mother’s Day commercial in social media conversations was the NBA’s “ MVP ” commercial, which turned NBA star Kevin Durant’s MVP […] .

#Socialnomics 2014: Current State of Social Media [VIDEO]

You may remember Erik Qualman’s very popular video The Social Media Revolution , that was originally published in 2009 in conjunction with his #1 best selling book (and one of my personal favorite social media books)  Socialnomics . His original video from 2009 brought us some eye-opening statistics, including: That Ashton […] .

From Like, to Want, to Need, to Love: The Social Consumer Research Study

A new research study by Vanessa DiMauro and Don Bulmer, Board Members and Fellows of The Society For New Communication Research. From likes, to wants, to needs, to love… The super-connectedness of global communications has challenged how companies interact, engage and maintain relevance and trust with their key audiences […] .

The future of media isn’t about breaking news scoops, it’s about credibility and trust

Felix Salmon is right when he says that only journalists really care about who broke the news about a specific event — what really matters to readers is whom they trust to give them context and understanding As I was nursing my 50th cappuccino in Perugia during the recent […] .

Entrepreneurs of All Ages (Infographic)

What roles do entrepreneurs play in the future of business? Here at MyCorporation, we’re taking a closer look at entrepreneurs of all ages, especially young entrepreneurs, in our latest infographic as we examine the ages small business owners are when they first get started, their education background, and just […] .

7 Super-Specific Dating Sites That Only the Internet Could Spawn

The Internet is many things: a mine of cute animal photos, a great way to waste time and, most importantly, a resource that can help you find almost anything you want — including a partner. It’s only natural that web culture has produced some pretty unique dating sites for […] .

The Best in Facebook Marketing: Studio Award Winners

The Facebook Studio Award winners  were announced  this week, which means I got to sit around and relive some of our favorite Facebook campaigns of the year. These awards are given to brands and their agencies for work that proved to not only drive engagement, but also build word […] .

Report: Apple OS X Will Soon Look Very Different

With WWDC , Apple’s annual developer conference, around the corner, the rumor mill is in full swing. A new report indicates the big star of WWDC 2014 might not be iOS 8 , but rather the next version of OS X . According to 9to5Mac , the next version […] .

13 Odd Lessons from Digital Marketing

As a personal and professional blogger, social media advocate, and interested party in the evolution of content marketing, I thought I’d share a few paradoxical lessons I’ve learned throughout the past few years. 1. The Quality vs. Quantity Conundrum Two factors determine the duration of time it takes to […] .

Why Invisible Activities Matter in Social Media

Only  7% of word-of-mouth happens online . This is a key figure in understanding that leaving a digital footprint is part of a sophisticated process; diverse drivers explain why an idea goes online. For instance, when citizens want an idea to go public when it comes to a cause. […] .

Beyond Engagement: Why People Follow the Leader

Dear Business Leader: Your contribution to the success of employee advocacy in your organization is simple: You have to believe in everything your program encompasses; and you must leave your people in no doubt that you believe. That’s all. Sounds easy? If you say so… Believing may be the […] .

Major cyber attacks can be predicted, say researchers

University of Michigan researchers have claimed that major international cyber attacks follow predictable patterns. A mathematical model could help understand the strategy and timing of attacks and predict the "next move" in conflicts, according to Robert Axelrod, professor of political science at the University. Axelrod likens the current state […] .

Engagement Rate: A Metric You Can Count On

As you know, we’ve driven home the fact that brands’ should not just rely on one metric to measure their social media performance. We believe that all metrics must be taken into consideration when developing social media marketing strategies, including Fan Growth, posts from you and the Engagement Rate […] .

How Tech Trends Are Going to Affect Big Data Significantly [VIDEO]

The amount of data that can be processed within a certain timeframe depends on the technology that is used. With the amount of data being created growing exponentially, the required technology is changing as well. This will have a significant effect on how Big Data will be processed, stored […] .

Marketers Not Prepared for Negative Feedback: New Research

Do you have a plan to handle negative feedback? Do you know how to measure your engagement? These issues and more are faced by many social media marketers. In this article, I’ll share research and tips to help you overcome common challenges social media marketers face . #1: Marketers […] .

Google Analytics Single Reporting View: This Week in Social Media

Welcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news . To help you stay up to date with social media , here are some of the news items that caught our attention. What’s New This Week? Google Analytics Adds Ability to See All Data in Single […] .

5 surprising stats about user-generated content

We know two things about millennials: They will soon have record-breaking purchasing power, and they spend tons of time with content created by their peers, otherwise known as UGC (user-generated content). What we didn’t know was how much time they spend with UGC and how they feel about it. […] .

Facebook mobile users jumped around 20 percent in U.S., UK in June

LONDON | Wed Jul 17, 2013 7:04pm EDT (Reuters) - The number of users accessing Facebook via their mobile phones in June jumped around 20 percent in the United States and Britain, the social network said, touting its appeal for brands trying to reach consumers during the summer months. [...]

How much better can smartphone cameras get?

(CNN) -- Smartphone competition isn't just about choosing the biggest screen, fastest processor or sleekest operating system. As phones continue to replace point-and-shoot cameras, a new battleground for smartphone manufacturers is camera quality. And the bar keeps getting raised. Nokia's new Lumia 1020 smartphone, which goes on sale July [...]

Can you be electrocuted by your smartphone?

(CNN) -- Could your smartphone really give you a lethal electric shock? That question was on the minds of many Monday amid news that Apple is investigating the death of a woman in China whose family said she was electrocuted after answering a call on her iPhone while the [...]

New Study Uncovers What Teens Actually Share On Social Media

Ever wondered how students really act online? What they’re actually sharing with their friends? Heck, if they’re even using their real name and other information? Chances are good about 1 of every 4 teens seem to have a ‘fake’ social media account with false information. There’s a lot more [...]

Charity Shows How to Use Social Media in a Big Way

Over 20,000 people around the world are expected to join the $1.50-a-day challenge in 2013. The initiative aims to support the 1.2 billion people around the world living in poverty, reported the SoShable website . Social media continues to ignite interest in the project, said Soshable’s Maggie Randall. A [...]

What Your Social Media Habits Say About Your Teaching Style

  You’re a lurker—love social media, but more the  media  than the  social , so you stay in the background—looking, skimming, saving, and skimming and looking some more, but always quietly, and always just out of sight. You spend an hour or two tops online—just the basics—messages, some shopping [...]

Teens’ enthusiasm for Facebook is waning

(CNN) -- There's fresh evidence that American teenagers may be growing weary of Facebook. They don't like the fact that their parents, grandparents and other adults are also there, diluting Facebook's "cool" factor . They complain about their friends' oversharing, and about too much "drama" on the site. And [...]

15 Actionable Takeaways From Social Media Marketing World 2013

By Patricia Redsicker Published May 22, 2013" onclick="window.print(); return false;" title="Printer Friendly"> Did you miss Social Media Marketing World in April? Or perhaps you were there but weren’t able to attend all the sessions you would have liked to. In this article I’ve assembled for you 15 actionable [...]

Social Media in 2013: User Demographics For Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest And Instagram -

Out of all internet users 67% are using social networks. And which kind of demographic uses which social network has been forever interesting for marketers. Some of the latest insights from Pew Research centers reveals the latest stats. Twitter is still used more than Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr. Also, [...]

10 Ways Social Media is Transforming our Culture and World

It’s 2012, and yet I feel more calm about our future than ever before. The Internet has saved our asses, and we should celebrate. I’ve been on the Web for a long time, but every once in a while I have one of those tremendous moments when I have [...]

The Women of Social Media: Digital Influencer Study [Infographic]

According to recent data from Pew Research Center, online women use social networking sites in greater proportions than men do: 75% vs. 63%. What are those women doing on their social networks? What are they discussing? How much influence do they wield? The answers to those questions can be found [...]

Blogs Outrank Social Networks for Consumer Influence: New Research

By Patricia Redsicker Published March 6, 2013" onclick="window.print(); return false;" title="Printer Friendly"> Are you wondering how to influence potential customers and prospects? The latest findings from Technorati’s 2013 Digital Influence Report show that “consumers are turning to blogs when looking to make a purchase.” In fact, blogs rank [...]

#FAIL: The 50 Greatest Social Media Screw-Ups

Home » #FAIL: The 50 Greatest Social Media Screw-Ups All corporate screw-ups are social. Don’t believe us? Pop onto Twitter and type in the word “#Fail” or search the word “boycott” on Facebook. Up pops the names of many of the world’s largest brands, and the latest consumer grievances [...]

30 Terrible Pieces of Social Media Advice You Should Ignore

COMMENTS #1 is spot on -- we've written recently about Tumblr and Pinterest and how to evaluate whether these platforms make sense for a business's social media strategy. Avoiding Shiny New Thing Syndrome is always a challenge, and social media has more SNTs than most. :) Great Post, we [...]

Why social networks and blogging go together like peanut butter and jelly

Blogging provides your company an opportunity to share meaningful knowledge with potential clients and customers, which in turn gets them to know, like and trust you. Once they know, like and trust you and your company, the sale isn’t too far behind. But blogging without social media is like [...]

4 Powerful Social Media Shortcuts that will Surprise You!

Deemed the #1 Most Social Chief Information Officer on Twitter my social media strategy goal is simple… Drive social collaboration by being distinguished as a thought leader and influencer in the Enterprise IT industry. Unfortunately, I often see social media newbies with no apparent strategies or goals that struggle [...]


Social Media News, Technology, Mobile, Trends, Culture, Style Art Abmuku NYC

Dissecting Apple’s Bad Quarter Ended December 2012 – Is Growth Gone? Apple shares were dumped by investors yesterday after it reported a lackluster quarter with less than 50 million iPhones sold.  Apple sold 47.8 million iPhones which was much less than expected. The negative news seems to be a [...]


CIO White Papers | Essential Resources for Information Professionals

Cloud Computing  |  Social Media & Digital Marketing  |  Business Analytics   Here's What You Will Learn: Word of mouth (WOM) marketing is currently undergoing a renaissance. Of course, WOM is nothing new. We were using WOM long before we began studying marketing. There is no better recommendation on a brand [...]


Why Every Parent Needs To Talk To Their Kids About Social Media

It’s no secret that children are using Facebook . Although Facebook’s Terms of Service require a person to be 13 to use the social network, recent estimates approximate that 34% of 9 to 12-year-olds in the UK have a profile on Facebook. While some question just how harmful this [...]


Social Media Addiction? Who, Me? [INFOGRAPHIC]

2012 is coming to an end, which usually means a great time to reflect and look back at how things have unfolded in our personal and professional lives during the past year. One thing is for sure: with smartphones, tablets and laptops penetrating our everyday lifestyles, this continuous connectedness [...]


Top 20 Social Media Marketing Articles From 2012

By Cindy King Published December 24, 2012" onclick="window.print(); return false;" title="Printer Friendly"> Have you kept up to date with the best social media marketing practices? Are you looking for actionable tips you can apply to your business? Here are our most popular articles from 2012 . 7 New [...]


Biggest Social Media Moments of 2012

Facebook Timeline , SOPA , KONY and U.S. President Barack Obama 's re-election were just some of the big social-media stories of 2012. This year, we also saw Pinterest emerge as one of the top social networks, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg became the center of media attention after the [...]


This Week On Twitter: Visual Social Media, Top Social Trends Of 2012, This Year In Social Business

Need a little weekend reading? We’ve compiled our top ten Twitter stories of the week, which includes six marketing tips for brands looking to exploit the power of visual social media, a look at what everyone was talking about online in 2012, a review of social business over the [...]


The Biggest Social Media Misses of 2012 - CIO India News on

Today, a surreptitious tweet or a Facebook update accusing the government, a politician or even a celebrity can get you arrested. We present you a chronicle of incidents that erupted on social media sites and led to great outrage from people in the last one year.  1.  Shaheen Dhada [...]


The 16 Most Important Social Media Updates of 2012

COMMENTS Unfortunatelly i noticed that Facebook Targeting Options do not work for our Company Facebook page. Did they remove these options? Really interesting article - it's great that you've combined updates from the major social media platforms into one place. And the screenshots are brilliant to illustrate each point. [...]

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How Valuable is a Social Media Audience, Really?

Like +1 Share Pin It Share This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum , where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business. Much has been said about the state of digital audiences today, and even more about the myriad ways [...]

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How did viral Facebook privacy hoax capitalize on privacy fears?

(CNN) -- Something about the Facebook privacy hoax has gotten people to click "share." First, the faux copyright legalese spread like wildfire across the social networking site. Many users recently found their news feeds awash with postings suggesting that the users who displayed them would get extra copyright and [...]

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Why 1700 CEOs Are Wrong about Social Media

IBM asked CEOs all over the world what they believe is going to happen with social media for the next three to five years. What they had to say was revealing. “For the first time in my career, I feel old. People in their 20s work and think about [...]

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Youtube Tops List of Tech Brands With Highest Social Media Engagement This Week [INFOGRAPHIC]

Like +1 Share Pin It Share YouTube dethroned Facebook as the hottest tech brand in the social media world last week, according to data aggregator Starcount . Another tech giant, Google , ranked third; its high placement is due to the many views on its YouTube channel, likely driven [...]

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20 Stunning Social Media Statistics Plus Infographic

Do you wonder why your productivity has dropped over the past 2 – 3 years? There is a time sink and it’s not television! Those of us who are connected to the internet and that is 2 billion of us, have been distracted by social multi-media publishing machines that [...]

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Top 10 Airlines With Highest Social Media Engagement This Week

Like +1 Share Pin It Share Emirates topped this week’s chart for airline brands with the highest social media engagement. The Dubai-based airline celebrated its 27th anniversary this week by launching an official Google+ account , which has since attracted more than 100,000 followers. A post on Emirates’ Facebook [...]

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Blogs, Books and Social: How the World Has Changed

By Michael Stelzner Published October 26, 2012" onclick="window.print(); return false;" title="Printer Friendly"> Do you think the world of publishing is evolving? Have you ever thought of self-publishing? To learn more about how blogs, books and social content have evolved, I interview Guy Kawasaki for this episode of the [...]

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Andy's Answers: How Aetna enables 35,000 employees to engage in social media

Lauren Vargas was tired of organizations putting community management teams in the corner. So she developed a “playbook” for enabling 35,000 Aetna employees to engage in social media. Her strategies take a cue from nature by decentralizing responsibilities, creating a safe haven and providing adaptive tools. The outcome: integrated [...]

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Hoe terroristen en criminelen social media en internet gebruiken

De UNDOC ( United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) heeft eergisteren een enorm leerzaam 142 pagina’s tellend rapport over internet en   social media gebruik voor en door criminelen. Facebook wordt onder andere gebruikt voor het verkrijgen van informatie omtrent doelen en veiligheidsprocedures die door mensen onbewust worden [...]

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Internet Marketing Case Study – Social Media Vs. Email

As some of you may know, I submitted a presentation topic for the upcoming Product Camp SoCal . This is an “unconference” where session topics and presenters are not determined until attendees vote online and during the check-in hour at the event. For the past week (since Oct. 15), [...]

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87 More Vital Social Media Marketing Facts and Stats for 2012

Though social media marketing is now used in about 90% of companies, techniques, platforms and best practices continue to evolve. Should you include Pinterest in your mix? Increase use of video marketing? Is blogging coming back or trailing off? What will likely be the hot trends in social media [...]

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