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Here’s How Much Bots Drive Conversation

Casey Chin; Getty Images Last week, as thousands of Central American migrants made their way northward through Mexico, walking a treacherous route toward the US border, talk of ” the caravan ,” as it’s become known, took over Twitter. Conservatives, led by President Donald Trump, dominated the conversation, eager to turn the caravan into a […]

A digital revolution is reshaping Democr...

Two weeks before the 2016 election, Bloomberg’s Joshua Green and Sasha Issenberg published a story about Trump’s brash, self-aggrandizing digital team. Democrats treated the story as evidence of the Trump campaign’s utter cluelessness, until he won. For months after, coverage of the Trump’s tech and digital strategy dominated headlines. Those stories had consequences: Facebook locked […]

IoT: A roomful of conundrums

IoT: A roomful of conundrums

As the drive to bring any and all imaginable physical objects online continues full steam ahead, internet-enabled devices are increasingly part of our day-to-day routines. In our quest for more productive and enjoyable – or simply easier – lives, we cannot avoid jumping on the Internet-of-Things (IoT) bandwagon. Up to 30 billion devices are predicted […]

Schools Are Mining Students’ Social Medi

Aron Ontiveroz/The Denver Post/Getty Images Aaah, the traditions of a new school year. New teachers, new backpacks, new crushes—and algorithms trawling students’ social media posts. Blake Prewitt, superintendent of Lakeview school district in Battle Creek, Michigan, says he typically wakes up each morning to twenty new emails from a social media monitoring system the district […]

Hubble Captures 15,000 Galaxies in a Sin...

Early in Hubble’s mission, it scanned a patch of sky for 10 days to collect 342 separate images. When assembled, they became the now-famous Hubble Deep Field. NASA has updated this iconic image over the years as the telescope became more powerful, and it’s doing so again. Hubble may be inching toward obsolescence with the […]

Gaia Spacecraft Creates Map of More Than...

gaia galaxy

The ESA’s Gaia spacecraft has already been studying the Milky Way galaxy for several years, and the first release of data included the precise location of more than 2 million stars. Now, the second major dataset from Gaia has pinpointed the position and brightness of 1.7 billion stars in […] .

IoT Garbage Can Sorts Your Trash Automat...

IoT Garbage Can Sorts Your Trash Automatically And Gathers Data

This trash bin is smart enough to separate garbage from recyclables and inform maintenance staff when it’s time to come collect it Collecting and taking out the trash has never been this easy. Bin-e , the world’s first intelligent waste bin, will automatically sort any trash that goes inside […] .

Elon Musk’s OpenAI and Google’s DeepMind

Elon Musk’s OpenAI and Google’s DeepMind release their AI playgrounds to everyone

Artificial intelligence developed by the likes of Google’s DeepMind and Elon Musk’s OpenAI is taught within the confines of game worlds – including navigating around mazes, dodging deadly cliffs, playing laser tag and flying through space. In a mission to build a general AI capable of solving any problem […] .

Police Ask for Amazon Echo Data to Help ...

Police seek Amazon Echo Data to solve a Murder Case

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British Intelligence Open-Sources its La...

British Intelligence Open-Sources its Large-Scale Graph Database Software

UK’s Secretive Spy Agency Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) has open-sourced one of its tools on code-sharing website GitHub for free… A graph database called ‘ Gaffer .’ Gaffer , written in Java, is a kind of database that makes it “easy to store large-scale graphs in which the nodes […] .

Google Says It Has Proved Its Controvers...

Inside this box is a superconducting chip, cooled to within a fraction of a degree of absolute zero, that might put new power behind artificial-intelligence software. Google says it has proof that a controversial machine it bought in 2013 really can use quantum physics to work through a type […] .

Turning data scientists into action hero...

Mike is chief operating officer at Altiscale . The unfortunate truth about data science professionals is that they spend a shockingly small amount of time actually exploring data. Instead, they are stuck devoting significant amounts of time wrangling data and pouring resources into the tedious act of prepping and […] .

Combatting unemployment insurance fraud ...

Combating unemployment insurance fraud with big data analytics

The last few years have seen many data and information breaches from both public and private organizations. One breach of particular concern involves personally identifiable information (PII). The Department of Homeland Security defines PII as any information that permits the identity of individuals to be directly or indirectly inferred, […] .

Big Data, Big Problems: 4 Major Link Ind...

Big Data, Big Problems: 4 Major Link Indexes Compared

Given this blog’s readership, chances are good you will spend some time this week looking at backlinks in one of the growing number of link data tools. We know backlinks continue to be one of, if not the most important parts of Google’s ranking algorithm. We tend to take […] .

Cloud will drive increased revenues over...

More than half of decision makers think the cloud will be responsible for driving increased revenues over the next two years, according to research. Cloud-based applications will not only increase revenues directly, but they will also reduce costs, making the books better balanced, the study by IDC found. However, […] .

Talk data to me!

Talk data to me!

Is data in uw organisatie ook gespreksonderwerp nummer 1? Zet dan 30 september en 1 oktober prominent in uw agenda. Want dan gaat het grootste Big Data evenement van Nederland van start in de Jaarbeurs Utrecht: De Big Data Expo . De Big Data Expo focust zich op de […] .