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How to Use Social Media to Stay in Touch...

I’m writing this article from Beaverton Oregon, one of the tech suburbs of Portland. As I do so, my wife and our family are still trying to get updates on family members in Houston area nursing homes to make sure they’re alright in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey . […] .

Ford’s newest self-driving test cars hav

Ford has developed a new generation of autonomous development vehicle, a hybrid Fusion that uses the same essential platform as its current vehicles, but with a big upgrade to processing power through new on-board computing hardware, as well as improved LiDAR sensors, which deliver a better field of view […] .

When feedback becomes dangerous


I’ve always been fascinated by the music industry. Not necessarily the labels, insane deals, and celebrity status, but more the process of how a new album or song is created and how we only ever really see the final product. It’s not uncommon to have an artist drop off […] .

Slicing and Dicing Big Data Science in t...

Slicing and Dicing Big Data Science in the Academic Universe

Reflecting on the numerous applications and use cases of Big Data in the world, we see that there is essentially no domain of human endeavor that is untouched by the data analytics revolution.  Consequently, no business function can be isolated from data-driven processes and decisions – including development, operations, […] .

Why your traditional agency will never r...


Image: Mashable Composite/ Christopher Mineses This article is part of SWOT Team , a new series on Mashable that features insights from leaders in marketing, brand-building and public relations. If you compare the techniques of advertising between its “golden era” in the 1940s and ‘50s and today, little has […] .

Future of Research – Why Academic Publis

The digital revolution has upended the media and publishing industries in recent years with its ability to give more content producers more platforms on which to be heard, and audiences a near constant stream of (mostly free) news and opinions to consume. Yet despite this shift, the process of […] .

Code Blue Panic Button Aims To Help Teen...

Code Blue Panic Button Aims To Help Teens With Depression

This free mobile app offers immediate support by sending alerts to pre-selected support members. Code Blue is a free mobile app designed to help young people suffering from depression or experiencing bullying through immediate support. By simply tapping the screen button, an alert is sent to pre-selected support members. […] .

Six Drivers Of The $700B Mobile Internet

Editor’s note: Tim Merel is the managing director of Digi-Capital. Mobile internet is all about big numbers. Revenue will more than triple to $700 billion by 2017, there was over $19 billion invested and $94 billion exits in the last 12 months, average sector returns were up to 15.6x […] .